My Gaming setup 2016!

Many people asked me about a setup video, so today im glad that i finaly present you my gaming setup for 2016!

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  1. Great video + I left a like! I also just made a gaming setup tour and I am having a hard time growing my youtube channel. I would really appreciate if you took a single minute out of your day to checkout my latest video and subscribe if you thought my content was good ;)

  2. Nice setup mate, my friend is a YouTuber but his setup is so way crapper than yours and I really wanna help him so I was wondering if you could check his channel out and give him some feedback / constructive criticism so he gets better at YouTube. His channel is a team channel so there's other people who upload too but he's the owner and leader. Here's his gaming setup video and here is one of his latest video also if you want here's a site where you can get really cheap games so you can make different types of YouTube videos


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