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So firstly thank you for even taking the time to watch this its very much appreciated, so these are my top KODI addons of August 2016 which I use on a daily basis now and love, I do get a lot of my information from and they also have and awesome iOS app and android too, they also have all install details on their so you can try many different add ons or builds with the helpful guides. Anyway lets stop messing around you want the URLS!!!! Well they are as follows:

Remember to check out | |

If you have any questions then just ask them anywhere on my social media site, you must know by now I get back to 99% of you are the 0.1% I don’t get back to is because you are spamming my videos with your own business links, its a compliment butI will block you so apologies in advance 🙂 For the Rest of you please ask away


Timings of install and URL’s

12:50 Pokemon

14:35 Project Cypher

16:16 Merlin Project M

17″38 GoodFellas

19:19 Chief UK Playlist

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  1. sure most of the latest films wont play or are cams or are sd and unwatchable also a lot of them have embedded Chinese sub-titles which sometimes cover half the bloody screen..sports well they are very hit and miss and the most popular like football on a Saturday are held up by shit servers but sometimes you get i have kodi set up with one of these best builds and all the settings adjusted to what is recommended i have a fast wired internet connection and kodi installed on the new 4K fire TV so don't matter how good a build it is we need to get rid of the shit servers which will mean they will have to start charging for the service and in a few years will be competing with sky

  2. Your explanations are very well done. I understood them all. Yes, I am a beginner. It is about time that a person like yourself takes his time and explains what he is doing. Thanks. I have one question: where do you get the addresses for the addons?


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