Neebs Plays Call of Duty 4 – HOW MUCH OF THIS CAN WE TAKE!?

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We check out the re-release of Call of Duty 4 and try not to murder Neebs.

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“Bama Country”
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“Volatile Reaction”
“Life of Riley”
“Electro Cabello”
“Dance of the Sugar plum Fairies”
“Funky Chunk”
“Local Forecast”
“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”
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  1. compartimos éste interés en comunicarnos, y en hallarnos en el estado de ánimo adecuado de armonia.Toda colaboración inteligente, es bienvenida.En un mundo, cada vez más sumergido en anomalías, la valía individual, es colocada,en situación de que la verdadera Realidad, fructifique. Cada cual es libre de definirse.Del individuo libre, iniaodicconndo,se dice que ha alcanzado la más elevada meta humana;la cual no es ningún objetivo concreto; sino que se recrea constantemente a sí misma,porque EXISTE, más allá del ámbito relativo del pensar…

    • Hey Ellen, danke für die Nachricht. Soweit war ich allerdings schon. Allerdings kann man den Slider so nur vertikal-unterhalb der Blog-Info / der oberen Menüleiste positionieren, und nicht direkt als eigene Ebene darunterliegend wie das Headerbild. Schöner wär ja, wenn der Slider das Headerbild in derselben Positionierung und 1400px-Grösse ersetzen könnte … 😉 Aber vielleicht kommt das ja mit eurer zukünftigen TheÃt-Untersem¼tzung?

  2. Kinda painful, guys. This game is a classic. And multiplayer too. It may no be a Battlefield game but some folks think this is the last great COD game….Yeah. Not a lot of good in this one.

    • It’s a 30 second ad. Suggesting that it’s meant to condone violence against men is obtuse or that it reflects anything other than an illustration of why promiscuity might be dangerous is worthy of Rev. Wildmon scanning Mighty Mouse cartoons for drug references.If there were one that focused on women (is there? I didn’t notice) it would, of course, be different. This should not be a news flash to anyone who reads this blog: There is a dosade-utbnlard in society.And maybe the fact that society (at some level) actually condones violence against unfaithful men is something a guy should consider before cheating on his wife.

  3. just saying, yall loosing quality

    I liked the comics and you guys did some gaming with a guest or two but meh…forced stupidity has a limit

    maybe have neebs play pro like or as good as he can and make commentary from that…try to actually play the game instead of being dumb and make funny comments from that

    • Awwww, so sad!!! Just ordered my copy today…then stumbled on your cotaesn…tnd can't get a signed bookmark (sniff, sniff). Sigh. Oh well, I *guess* I'll still read it…. 😉

    • When she was still a forum on Shamepuff, I (sadly) was rightfully concerned about this. Being a creeper for all of 2 minutes allowed me to find her house on GoogleMaps. She took a picture of an inetosectirn right by their house, complete with street signs.

    • << I'd like to see mainland Greeks added to the first graph–even broken out by region to the degree feasible. &ga&;gt;Thtt could be more interesting as the Greeks are the closest neighbours of the Turks and they were part of the same empire for 1000+ years under the Byzantines and the Ottomans.How about it Dienekes?


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