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NET Neutrality Day 12-18 July VPN Deals

Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, and Reddit have joined the Day of Action to save Net Neutrality. Kickstarter, Etsy, Vimeo, Patreon, and NextDoor—among many others—have July 12, 2017 highlighted on their (web-based) calendars because there’s a difference between talk and action. There’s a difference between debate and ensuring voices are heard by the necessary people. The Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality might not be the answer to maintaining a free, open, and equal internet space, but it is bringing awareness and engagement on this important issue to a new level.

What is the Net Neutrality Day of Action?

In 2012 there was the SOPA Blackout. In 2014, there was the Internet Slowdown. These were both efforts to make the public at large aware of how the World Wide Web could be affected by the U.S. government’s regulations and positions on the internet industry.In response to recent U.S. government legislation, the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality has been created to once again put the less-than-sexy issue of Net Neutrality in the public spotlight. The effort is not a blackout or slowdown this time; instead it is a direct call-to-action, bringing the issue to the forefront and giving all website viewers an easy pathway for contacting Congress. It might take the form of a pop-up alert on a website, a push notification on a mobile app, avatars on social media, as well as Net Neutrality coverage and explanations blanketing popular aggregate sites and newsfeeds.

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