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Going back several years, the one question which was repeatedly asked of me was, should I buy a laptop instead of a desktop computer? Whilst there is no definitive answer, as each person’s needs are different, the answer has probably changed from 80% NO to 80% YES. The reason for this is the narrowing gap between desktop and laptop PCs in terms of performance, reliability and storage capacity.

Today we have a stand-off between netbook and laptop computers as people discover the possibility of going even more portable. Let us’s look as the main considerations in the Netbook vs Laptop debate.


Laptops are almost the new desktop, with processor speeds increasing as manufacturers find new ways to squeeze extra performance from smaller components. Without getting too technical, laptops have a huge advantage in the performance stakes. I’d go as far as to say that if you want to use a computer for processor-intensive tasks, a netbook is currently not a good option.

Screen and Keyboard

Because of their smaller size, netbooks tend to have smaller keys and screens. This changes from model to model. Laptops for the most part, have standard sized keys with screens of standard desktop monitor sizes. If you have large hands and do a lot of typing, netbooks can become annoying very quickly. Also, if you need to have lots on the screen at once, laptops have the advantage with their greater resolutions and screen size.


Netbooks are in effect mini laptops and so have a size advantage where portability is concerned. They tend to be lighter due to this, therefore if you intend on using one for traveling with, they are ideal. Laptops, on the other hand, are considerable in their weight and size in comparison.


Most netbooks tend to have a couple of usb ports and wireless networking. They do nottend to have cd/dvd drives. These days laptops have dvd re-writers and usually 3 or 4 usb ports as well as vga output for displaying on an external monitor. If you want to watch your dvd collection on your new computer a laptop has the distinct advantage.


The price of a netbook is relative to functionality and usefulness as is that of a laptop computer. I’d say that presently, a laptop has greater scope for growing with the user’s needs and therefore offers better value. If cost is the ultimate factor in choosing between the two, I would go for a cheap laptop vsa netbook. If you just want to surf the net and keep up to date with friends on Facebook a netbook is a very good option.


Netbooks tend to have less storage capacity than laptops although this has improved over time and will probably continue to do so. If you want to store large amounts of videos and photo albums without using external storage, a laptop again has the major advantage.

Battery life

With it’s small footprint, lack of dvd and power efficient processors (generally) netbooks win hands down in the power consumption efficiency stakes.

The bottom line is, you really have to be honest with yourself as to how you’ll use the computer. I’d say that the only real reasons to have a netbook over a laptop are portability and battery life. If you make a list of the above points when preferring you willhave a good idea of what to compare when shopping.

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