New 2016 MacBook Pro official images revealed!

A Simple Click Really Helps

I can’t remember the last time an Apple product was officially leaked by Apple themselves.

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  1. Эппл потеряла стальные яйца! Тим Кук не дожимает… это в всегда было в стиле Эппл прощаться со старыми технологиями и двигать прогресс в перед… НО если вы выплили мини-джек из iPhone, то зачем его вставлять в Macbook, если вы выпилили все порты и заменили их на USB-C то зачем в iPhone и Watch Lightning? Имейте стальные яйца доводить все до конца!

  2. So stupid… if they finally made a FULL touch screen Mac Book, they wouldn't need that silly touch-bar. You can do all that shit on any touch screen-PC laptop or on the 4 year old Surface Pro or even on a full desktop PC with a touch screen or even an OLD Mac Book using the regular touch-pad. They made the touch-pad much large this year, but now you barely even need it WTF Apple??? The new Mac Book is all software a nothing else… but that touch-pad… so sad!! And I bet the batter last less time too since the new Mac Book is thinner..

  3. Anybody knows whether the headphone jack on the 13 and 15 new MBPs is still also an optical audio line out (like on previous models), or is it just a simple headphone jack ?

  4. What an invention. Swipe a finger on magic toolbar, voila you are bankrupt.
    Well done Apple, that's the last resort to extort money from consumers. Just make it more easy to swipe.

  5. In Brazil go be a lot of money we cant buy this macbook here the cost go be 10.000,00 or more impossible have… the Apple can need review the price of yours products in Brazil we dont have money to have one Iphone, Macbook or other too much expensive.

  6. So they take away the row of F key functions and installed a fingerprint sensor to mirror the iphones?! So what? That is not a major change. I have had my mb pro since late 2012 and I have not seen an update on design since then and they come out with this? Major disappointment and no need to upgrade to that new mb pro.

  7. Oh my what revolutionary upgrade…. I'm so excited I'll camp outside an Apple Store for a chance to own a laptop with a touch strip thingy. But first own up to all your mistakes (staingate, electric shocks, video controller, swollen batteries, light leaks on displays), apologize and fix them right away via a recall not a secretive quality program nobody knows about. Unfortunately all my macs had these problems! YES ALL!

    Frankly that touch strip is bloatware BS. Many laptops had finger print readers prior too. If your mothership /HQ suddenly flies to mars I'd be happy with Xioami or something.

    Yes Timmy it's your fault! You managed to turn a die hard fan who buys all your products into a mouthpiece against the brand!!! Watch that line shrink sister because it will.


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