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Here is a brilliant new all in one addon for kodi that is packed full of reliable HD links and offers a huge amount of content. Currently working very well so i strongly suggest downloading this one!

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  1. Since i installed kodi nothing ever worked, i gave it another try with your video which is pretty clear, i did all the steps 2 times, uninstalled and reinstalled kodi, re-installed everything it never worked. When i click on the mediahub add-on i get that "working" pop-up thingy at the buttom right corner, hen i disappears and nothing happens. Anyway thanks for the video, but i'm definitely done with Kodi now.

  2. Been running HYPER TT for about a Month now, Love it! Just Updated to 5.3 … I like this Addon … But seriously do I need it with HYPER TT? I have NEVER "Not" found a Movie or TV Show that I was Looking for, in HYPER TT.

    "The ONLY" thing missing is maybe the News Channels FOX, CNN, NBC, etc. in the USA …

    This looks like it may be a perfect Fit for an almost already Perfect Build- THANKS!

  3. Hey I wanna ask this, on Media Hub is the any of the Sports in high definition of like 720 and 1080p to watch live when sports is in progress, like on ESPN especially cause I like to see sports good and clear without it be blurrying and slow motion and buffering, My internet high speed will be upgraded on up from the Mbps and or kbps that is currently is, done had it on for over 4 to 5 years and I think it is time that I upgrade the high speed, maybe that buffering will stop once I upgrade to a higher speed hopefully so alot of sports and TV shows and etc won't buffer no more.

  4. go to file manager click on profile directory and then click database and delete the files that say addons.db they should be at the top theres 1 or 2 then restart kodi and all should be good

  5. Hi mate I'm just wandering if you get time could you please update your build for ultra TT and add the latest good working tv shows and movie Addons etc and remove the ones that are down as I keep updating it every week and no Addons properly work accept for exodus or mettaliq?

  6. i cant find a build where the tv channels work.
    itll tell me working and then nothing happens
    im happy just having exodus and one other app for live tv. any suggestions guys

  7. great toturial again, I just find the echo wizard is a hit and a miss! like its previous tdb. Ares , gentec, community wizard and wookie are on the ball all the time. all the best


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