New Apple MacBook Pro first look

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Apple just showed off its long-awaited update to the MacBook Pro laptop. Subscribe:

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  1. I don't like the touch-bar, it looks so unresponsive, the dude is having trouble with it. And it does half the things that a trackpad does, without needing to move your hands from the trackpad. Who uses and edits with the Photos app anyway?´╗┐

  2. He's one day with the new MacBookPro

    He went into the cafe
    He put down the bag
    He wanted to finish his work quickly
    He took out a new MacBookPro
    His cell phone suddenly rang
    His cell phone is dead
    He frowned
    He opened the bag
    He took out a USBC-USB adapter
    He took out a USB-Lightning data cable
    His cell phone is saved
    He will continue to complete his work
    He took out the SD card in the SLR
    He habitually insert the SD card to his MacBookPro
    He failed
    He found there is no SD card slot
    He searched his bag
    He found forgot to bring SLR data cable
    He frowned
    He felt he might bring a USB hub and USB card reader
    He did not bring
    His Bluetooth device that he really needed while doing creation
    He did not take it
    He found that there is a girl around
    She has the previous generation MacBookPro on her table
    He cried with joy
    He went to her
    He asked her if she could send his photos to him with AirDrop
    She looked at him
    She looked at his notebook again
    She was confused
    She suddenly understood
    She smiled and said ok
    He was very happy
    He can finally start creating
    He took out a EarPods with Lightning interface
    He took out a Lightning-3.5mm audio interface adapter cable
    He began to soar in his own world
    He has been sitting there from morning to dusk
    His notebook is dead
    He asked the waiter if he can provide a seat with power supply socket
    He sat beside her
    He took out the power adapter from the bag
    He got up
    He found she is smiling
    He suddenly thought of something
    He changed the direction of sitting
    He was afraid to kicked the power cord accidentally
    He was afraid of the notebook will fall off the table
    His efforts should not be ruined that way
    He finally finished the work
    He happily shared the joy with her
    She looked at him
    She looked at his notebook again
    Her smile is very charming
    He thought it is time to leave
    He unplugged the power adapter
    He unplugged the USBC-USB adapter
    He unplugged the USB-Lightning data cable
    He unplugged the Lightning-3.5mm patch cord
    He unplugged the EarPods with Lightning interface
    He packed everything up
    He asked if she could give him her contact
    She shook her head and waved her hand to say goodbye
    He waved goodbye regretly
    He stepped out of the cafe
    He could not forget her smile
    He quietly turned back
    He saw her neat table
    And her eyes that care for the mentally retarded´╗┐

  3. I feel disgusting using apple stuff, they have become greedy and elitist. Don't think ill will buy their stuff after my iPhone and MacBook goes out.´╗┐

  4. Don't see why all the apple hate. I'm not a loyal fan, i hate the iphone. but i hate hate laptops with toich screens even more, and microsoft is churning out garbage (I'm a linux user). i think the touchbar is cool. But how would you use text editors like vim with hotkeys? and whoever said that you have tonuse an iphone is wrong if you don't care for having all of your stuff backed up. As an it guy and security researcher i don't trust clouds a bit.´╗┐

  5. Useless for the many people that spent 95% of their business time in the office (or at home) with their macbook connected to an external monitor + keyboard + mouse. They only carry their macbook for transport & meetings. Apple should add this bar to their external keyboards, too, so every user has the same experience, even those who only use iMacs.´╗┐

  6. The price for a new top-of-the-line macbook pro is over $4000. I just bought a dell 2-in-1 for $1000. Besides a smaller ssd, the specs are pretty similar.
    This is gonna tank so hard. Nobody wants to pay top dollar for a gimmicky touch strip when everybody else is selling the real deal for a fraction of the price.´╗┐

  7. Why the hell on earth they put only 2 usb-c ports to non-touchbar model, one of which is already for power?!?! Why you get 4 ports when you have the touchbar? Bullshit.´╗┐

  8. to simply put , purpose of laptops is to have power to do more in less time …. to that much amount of money for fun gimmick is not a great direction , laptop still needs a long way to eliminate the natural to analog gap which we face. keyboard was great , mouse was great , touchpad was great , but seriously touch bar???? it not the next thing ..´╗┐


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