New Apple MacBook Pro – Full Announcement

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Apple unveiled a new 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro laptops at an event today. Featuring the new Touchbar and impressive specs, the new MacBook is a huge step forward for Apple.







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  1. I don't really like the features~ but you have to admit the design is pretty special with larger touchpad so it looks better, and flush 4 USB c ports. If there isn't any touch bar and 300$ cheaper with the same specs it would've been perfect

  2. It really doesn't matter what Apple comes out with; there will always be a large group of people who never intend to buy an Apple computer because they're used to what they already use, yet they'll come onto any Apple video to talk trash about the product that they never intended to use regardless of its specs and features. And then you have the whiny Apple users who have fits over having to buy a simple adapter after they've already spent thousands. Really, how hard is it to save $30 or so? If you can't come up with that, then how on earth did you purchase everything else you have?

    If professional obstinance was a career, some of you guys would be leaders in your field.

  3. I don't think this bar will help type faster, unless maybe you type slow. If you can type decent enough, it would be faster to just type than stop, look down, read the word and select it.

  4. almost always, apple features and design makes things easy, makes sense.
    but, imo, they dropped the ball on this one. less ports, touchbar, removal of the good things.

    I don't like it, decided to buy the 2015 for the wife. magsafe, more ports, sd card slot

  5. i hate functional keys, It is so lame to use 2 keys Alt+F4 that too very hard to reach to just a simple task from keyboard. Maybe this is a new for using the computers in the future but I miss Steve as the speaker.

  6. I love macOS and have been waiting a long time for a serious upgrade. These MBPs are not it. The Touchbar is a silly gimmick and runs counter to a much more intuitive mouse/trackpad functionality. The wrong-minded drive towards thinner is also a mistake; I want a pro level production machine I can take on the road and use at home/office. Any weight Apple tried to save me will be completely wasted with the plethora of rechargers, dongles and docks that these bloody MBPs will necessitate.

    I switched to Apple in 2007 but seeing what passes for technological 'courage' with Apple means I am going back to Windows.
    But thanks for the earphone jack & the 16GB ceiling – I imagine that is why the average price went up $200.
    Really pissed off….

  7. touchbar on the keyboard is nice, but really think the new macbook pro is underpowered, likely because the oled panel makes a big production cost. but still nice to see that apple can still renew it self 😀

    btw, alot of fanboys says that apple invent great things, which is not the case, but what they do is taking existing hardware or software and refine them. for exampel the magnetic charging on the laptops was taken directly from old japanese ricecookers, but because the japanese companys didn't take patent apple used this loop hole and created something great. the new touch panel feature was as well not invented by apple but directly copied and refined from a working concept made by microsoft. just shows how much the big corporations borrow from each other, which i think is great for us as a consumer :D

  8. I've literally never used the touch bar uptop of my keyboard on my iPhone, unless I want to intentionally fuck around and make jibber jabber in the suggestions to send for a laugh ~ "said that he is not very good at the same place in a sense of the law and the other man is a good good one he said in the other world" 😂 It's so useless. Anyways my point is, when I use my laptop, I mainly look at my screen, hopefully your next one is better I'll wait


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