New Ares Wizard Pulse Build for Kodi (Sept 2016)

A Simple Click Really Helps

source: name it ares

system–settings–addons–install from zip file–

wait for addons to be enabled enabled

Programs–addons–ares wizard-if youre on windows

browse builds- install pulse

get Pin

Guys, If Kodi looks stock after the installation, you have to enable the theme:

Go to System–Settings–Appearance–Skin–change skin from “Confluence” to the Pulse/Ares theme.

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  1. me again. … another glitch. got as far as clicking on Pulse to download same, but each time I start the process and get to a point, the prompt 'Download Error' comes up. so I have to restart. I've tried about 6 or 7 times. gave up and started downloading The Ares Build. really want the Pulse tho. …. PLEASE HELP!

  2. hi…. quick question, I followed the steps up to the site. tried downloading from there but got stuck. I'm trying to download unto my android tv box…. tried clicking on the Android icon on the Web page but…. nothing. where am I going wrong?

  3. Im having an error when I tried to download
    Could not retrieve directory information.this could be due to the network not being connected.
    i do check internet connection in the system tab and is connected
    any hint>>

  4. I'm new to Kodi and have mine set up. It's still plain, but I have added the add ons I've wanted, as well as watched various shows and movies.

    I think I'll back that file up, reinstall a new version and try messing with that Pulse build or even other ones. I like how that one looked.

  5. I use the Pulse build. You can change the green. I prefer blue. I've also changed some of the add ons since there are a few I never use. This is a great build and I just did the update yesterday.


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