NEW Gorilla build for Kodi-my new favorite (Oct, 2016)

File manager—add source— –name it gpub
System—addons—install from zip—gpub—gorilla32—wait for confirmation
Program addons—Gorilla—gorilla build—force close

Kodi Fresh Start tutorial:

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  2. 10-31-16 I just downloaded this after a failed attempt on another build I have always used and this one worked on my Firestick. I have the latest Kodi download as well. Just wanted to make that clear. It was very easy to download thank you!

    • Hi there, thanks for the follow. Although the only pictures I&v7;182#e posted on my blog so far have been of a cat that briefly came to visit, I am a big dog lover. Had a constant companion for 17 years ~ just posted a picture of him. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Don't know if anybody has heard but the owner of the gorilla build was asking for donations to send his daughter to Disney. After about 1 month he threatened to start blocking peoples i.p address from downloading his build if he didn't receive any donations. So now a lot of you cant download his build. He also stated his goal was to receive 1000,000.00 penny's.  Not cool especially when this was free at 1 point. Anyway If you guys are looking for a replacement you have got to check out the Spinz Hardnox build 2.0, Simply amazing, and oh it's free, lol…

  4. Hi, I have a Fire TV and I can't get the Gorilla Wizard to open. I keep getting the same " Gorilla Wizard Error, Check the Log for more information" I've tried everything. Including uninstalling my Jarvis 17 for the 16  and starting over. I still get to the end and receive the same message. I even tried the Harley Davidson. I really wanted this build to work. Could you please assist me?

  5. I'm new to all this and figuring it out. I like something that's simple yet robust and this looks good. Will definitely give it a try. What are your thoughts on the Kodimaster build? Can you review it and compare if you haven't? Thanks!

  6. I've tried many times to install this build once it's done installing it says error fail to load script or something like that… then I close kodi reopen it after clearing cache it loads up but the menu is on the middle of the screen and it's off set… help me please thank you

  7. everytime I try to add source it says connection or something but I can do everything else from addons to other builds and have no message at all
    is there a different url for the build

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