New MacBook Pro: 10 Things to Know!

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is official! Here are ten things you need to know about the company’s latest flagship computer.

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  1. As a pro user of mac gear, I will not bother with this toy. I'd rather build a hackintosh that I know would be worth the money and have all the power I'd need. Apple just dropped the ball on this failure.

  2. HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO KNOW,,They increased the cost of macbook pro and making people spend more additionally (Thunder bolt adapter $49, USB-C to Lightning Cable $25, USB-C to USB Adapter $19, Power Adapter Extension Cable $19. Having to buy all of these acessories is complete bullshit if they are trying to improve portability.

  3. Now Apple products are an incompatibility nightmare even with their own stuff, there are like hundreds of adapters to buy online in order to use regular normal tech… expensive adapters of course, you just can't even charge your new iphone 7 with your new mac pro cause there is no adapter yet lol… now i'm sure what i read recently, Apple indeed are creating solutions for problems they made themselves… it's like the perfect scam… who buys those things for christ sake

  4. im glad that apple finally updated the MacBook pros but the new prices are just stupid, like the base model cost 200 dollars more than the 2015 model and if you even want the most wanted feature of these computers you have to pay a 600 dollar difference between the 2015 models and i think the prices just suck, so thanks but no thanks apple i will stick with my 2015 MacBook pro

  5. I want to buy one but I am having major issues justifying the price. 1) The Sky lake i7 processor is simply not much faster, 2) The battery is smaller, 3) I like Thunderbolt 3/ USB-C  ports but why would they take way the SD Card Slot?The major issue is the price $200 more base for a faster SSD and glowy touch bar. If you cut through all the BS that is basically what your getting in the new MacBook Pro and losing all your other ports. In the vast amount of cases out there I would say it is not worth the upgrade as there is nothing really ground breaking here. The touch bar is basically a gimmick.  Personally, I sold my MacBook Pro 2015 in anticipation of this event and now I am regretting the decision. I am going to take some time to reflect and decide if it is time to give up on the laptop altogether. I use my iPad more for browsing and my desktop more for real work, just because of the screen real-estate. If I choose to stay in the mac architecture I may just buy a used Mac Mini, hell it is just as fast as the 13" MacBook and I will still have my ports for half the price. The SD Card slot was the big thing for me, and all my current dongles are USB so bam, there's another purchase I have to make. Microsoft has also lost there head in their pricing, so used is the way to go for a time I think.

  6. nice, how you gloss over that they bring it out with 6th gen, oh they just opted for the readily available one, even though the 7th gen is already out. pathetic

  7. I have been using the very first baseline MacBook Pro Retina 15" from 2012 since it came out. I have been using it for school, watching youtube, and for editing my own videos. Is the new MacBook Pro 15" a worthy upgrade for me?

  8. Need some advice @technobuffalo – I have been using a windows laptop and i want to change to an apple laptop. But i am confused if i should buy it or wait for another update?

    I have been reading a lot of articles on this and a lot of criticism is on the internet regarding the expensive pricing and less user specific features.


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