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Macbook owners’ long wait for an upgraded machine is almost over – with Apple unveiling a new range today at its Cupertino HQ.
However, Apple has somewhat spoiled the surprise by leaking a picture of the new MacBook in its own software.
It shows the smart screen above the keyboard also doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

The firm confirmed it had killed off the function keys usually found on laptops, replacing it with a screen that changes depending on the app used.
‘We haven’t been using them for a long time, so we mapped other functions to them,’ said Apple’s Phil Schiller.
‘Now, we are replacing them with the touch bar’.
The touch bar in a small touchscreen, which changes depending on the app being used.
It also has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the power button
‘The Mac is more than a product to us, its a testament to everything we do,’ said Tim Cook.
‘And this week happens to be a huge week in the history of apple and the Mac – the 25th anniversary of our first notebook, the Powerbook, which defined the modern notebook.
The aluminium design comes in 13 and 15inch models, in grey and silver, Apple’s Phil Schiller said.
The 13inch version is 17% thinner than the previous MacBook, and weights 3lb – .5lb lighter than the previous version.
The 15 inch version is also .5lb lighter.
It has a trackpad with force feedback.
The also firm showed off a new app aimed at cord cutters.
‘We want Apple TV to be a unified TV experience,’ Cook said.
‘We are announcing a new app called TV.’
The app brings together content from other video and TV apps, allowing them to be easily seen in one place.
The firm also unveiled a new search app for its Apple TV, and revealed Minecraft was coming to the platform.
It can also show live TV, and users can ask for shows using Siri’s voice recognition.
‘We said the future of TV was apps, said Cook.
‘We now have 8,000 apps across every category, and over 1600 apps for video content.’
The new app will be available in December in the US, and will run on Apple TV, iPads and iPhones.
Twitter also took to the stage to show off its Apple TV app, just hours after it was announced the firm was cutting 9% of its workforce and filling off the Vine app.

A deeper dive on the touchbar (that’s its name, btw. “Touch Bar”): it’s a retina display, with multi-touch input.

By default, it shows the same versions of the buttons at the top of the laptops already, like volume, playback and window management. But it can also take application-specific interfaces: Schiller shows off Safari (favourites, access to the URL bar), Photos (editing tools) and Pages (autocomplete).

And next to the Touch Bar is Touch ID, integrated with the hardware power button

That sensor lets you do Apple Pay with the MacBook Pro, amongst other things.

Schiller hands over to Craig Federighi for the demo.

New Macbook will have a touch bar with Emojis



Apple’s MacBook Pro event
Apple’s MacBook Pro event
Apple’s MacBook Pro event
Apple’s MacBook Pro event

Apple Macbook Pro features, release date and price REVEALED
Apple Macbook Pro features, release date and price REVEALED
Apple Macbook Pro features, release date and price REVEALED

Apple Macbook Pro unboxing

Apple Macbook Pro unboxing

Apple Macbook Pro unboxing

Apple Macbook Pro unboxing
Apple launches lighter, faster MacBook Pro with new Touch Bar
Apple launches lighter, faster MacBook Pro with new Touch Bar

Apple kills off the function keys: Radical MacBook redesign features touchscreen that transforms into smart buttons

Apple announced a new line of MacBook Pro laptops on Thursday.

The biggest new feature on these redesigned computers is a new kind of keyboard with an integrated touchscreen strip that replaces the traditional function keys called Touch Bar.

“The Mac is so incredibly important to us,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at a media event held at Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters.

Here’s what you need to know:

The new MacBook Pro comes in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes.

Both versions are thinner than Apple’s old MacBook Pro. The 15-inch model weighs 4 pounds. Both versions have a bigger trackpad that’s twice as large as before. The keyboard has also been redesigned to be thinner.

The new touchscreen part of the keyboard is called Touch Bar. It changes and adapts to whatever software the user is using at the time. For example, if you’re in Safari, you’ll see shortcuts. Otherwise, it can adjust volume and brightness.

As you’re typing, Touch Bar can also show quick type suggestions, or emoji, like the iPhone keyboard does.

Touch Bar is powered by a new chip that Apple is calling T1.

There is also a TouchID fingerprint reader integrated into the Touch Bar, which enables purchases with your fingerprint, and presumably, will lock your laptop in addition to a password. It doubles as the on and off switch for the laptop.



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  1. This is Apple! They put a small touchscreen and people go wild and buy 2000$ laptops! This is crazy! 2000$?! and no 2-1 option/touchscreen ? Just a clamshell? Einstein was right when he said that human stupidity is infinite…

  2. funny cook said access to everyone! wtf means? access for reach people with handicaps? i don't really understand. and if u are a poor people with an handicap u're a total shit? no way apple it's the wrong way… overpriced! touchbar…. for that money i want a water-cooled lap!

  3. Compared to the Surface Studio and the insane power of the new Surface Book, this announcement, like the iPhone 7 (Disclaimer: I currently have an iPhone 7) is a little lackluster. Apple really are falling behind when it comes to the innovation race. No one gives a shit about "Thinner" and "Lighter" when the devices are already super thin and light.


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