New MacBook Pro Hands-on: Touch Bar Isn’t a Gimmick

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Laptop Mag’s Mark Spoonauer goes hands-on with the new MacBook Pro, which features a fingerprint sensor, upgraded processors, and a unique Touch Bar screen that replaces the function keys. Full Review:



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  1. The thing is Apple boasts, for having the best touch pad in the industry – which is infact true. Now coming to the point, in all the applications the touchpad can be used to do the same thing. But since we are Apple – we can remove anything we want. So without caring for the developer community that makes the entire ecosystem strong – here have a MacBook (PRO) with feedback less keyboard, without function keys and we are pleased to tell you, you don't even get an ESC key. Because as developers you don't need ESC key. Why will you ever need a ESC key. How can one even think of this s***y ideas.

  2. If you have to convince people it's not a gimmick… then it's a gimmick. Need more proof? If this is a "pro" model feature, in what profession, exactly, do we need an emoji bar?

  3. I would not expect something as stupid from Apple. I don't want to look at the keyboard just to adjust fucking volume! I don't think this "feature" will find much real usage, not counting the nerds and fanboys.

  4. still a gimmick to me as I use the function keys a lot it is a turn off for me.

    I wish they produce one without the touchscreen, just like 13" Pro

    I think they could have kept both the touch screen and function keys, by keeping the trackpad size smaller but they rather decided not to. It's just way too big, I know bigger trackpad looks better and easier to use but the I didn't have much problem with previous trackpads.

    I've been using the 15" Pro Retina since its first release in 2012 (then now 2015 version) and seriously I'm not sure whether I should buy it or not.

  5. I can't see myself using this in Adobe Lightroom. To scroll through photos, I use the left and right arrow keys (so I can see which is the best in the sequence). Why would I switch between looking at the touch bar and the main screen? And for minor exposure adjustments, I would use shift and my mouse, not the touch bar. It makes things much more complicated for photo editing. Too many screens to focus on.

  6. If someone shows me a demo using that OSD screen for work which requires active usage of Function keys (Software developers, designers, engineers basically everybody who supposed to be the target audience of the Pro line) and s/he is satisfied I believe but until than I do not really care about the fact that I'm able to display bunch of useless emojis.
    That is something for teenage girls and boys to trendy-vendy-mendy chit-chat to each other but definitely professionals don't need them.

  7. What a predicament. My 2012 Macbook Pro needs replacing. Now Apple delivers this. I wish they would have simply crammed a new display and upgraded chipset / CPU / SD drive and memory into the old case. No, instead they force us to buy a ton of dongles to make our lives more complicated not easier. What has happened to Apple?

  8. I really like this idea and everything however in their trailer Apple goes on about how it's completely unique to them >< There's loads of other laptops with the exact same kind of bar replacing the function keys and the idea of having a screen for each key has been around for ages so why the hell are Apple claiming it's unique??? ffs it really gets on my nerves

  9. No courage to remove the headphone jack here, where is the consistency. Apple has had the worst year this year in terms of fucking there customers. Like if you buy a Macbook Pro and Iphone 7 together now, they can't even connect. The Iphone 7 comes with the normal USB connector. If USB C is the new tech, fine, but don't remove the old tech when it's still in current use and has not been outed. The touch bar is garage, you need the main buttons to be part of the keyboard at all times and they now aren't. The price is stupid. I payed £999 last year for the 13inch retina, and now that same model is £1,299 for the base line model, and it comes with 2 USB c ports which are useless to me. None of my devices are of that port. You don't even get a SD or HDMI port included. I'm surprised they still gave you a headphone jack. This year they have fucked the phone and the laptop in the same year. Next year they will most likely keep the same design and the same prices, because the prices never go down only up. So now the base line price for a Macbook Pro is £1,299. and the Iphone 7 is £600. And you get less ports on both. But they cost more.

  10. of course it isn't a gimmick I'm sure you could use it for a few things but still doesn't justify the price of the stupidly underpowered laptop, i really don't see people buying this

  11. Com on Apple. Give us the SD card slot back! Do you expect us walking around with 3-5 adapters all the time? Just gonna by the old 15" and wait for wireless information transfer technology to hit the market.


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