New MacBook Pro Released! Everything You Need To Know

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New 2016 MacBook Pro & MacBook Air Replacement Is Official! Touch Bar, New Color, Skylake, DDR4 Ram & Polaris GPU’s. Features, Battery Life & Processor Power Details Here!



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  1. Why four usb c ports, it makes no sense. You aren't going to use them all at one time. 1 for charging and then 1 for everything else. By the way dongles suck a** no one wants to carry them around. Also apple stop saying its the best iPhone yet or best mac ever no shit its new if it isn't no one wants it.

  2. EverythingApplePro, there is a 3rd party alternative to the USB-C charging if you also wanted a magnetic breakaway cable.

    However unlike our current magsafes can't be flipped over, and unlike USB-C can't transfer data but it seems like this was designed for the Macbook when it originally came out, so I'd imagine that with the new Macbook Pros having at least 2 (four on the 15") that there will be someone out there who will make some sort of magnetic breakaway cable. This was the only element stopping me originally from preordering the high spec 15" but now that it's been solved I can't wait to get my new Macbook next month!

  3. Honestly just buy the Razer Blade Stealth… Compared to the base MB Pro, you could get the Blade Stealth for $100 less and it beats the Mac in every category (except battery life). The screen is a better resolution (and touch screen), it has double the SSD size and RAM, it has a 2.7GHZ i7 processor with hyper threading (compared to Apple's 2.0 without HT), it is THINNER and LIGHTER, it has an arguably better integrated graphics card (although it is more or less about the same), it has more ports, and it has an RGB keyboard with anti-ghosting that has a more tactile feel.

    Honestly, Apple really dropped the ball with this. I don't really see anything "Pro" about this laptop. Why can't Apple just make something for the enthusiasts for once…

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the Mac has a much nicer screen when it comes to glare. I personally own a Razer Blade QHD+ (2015), and I have to say that it is a hard screen to use if there is a bright light behind you (i.e. the sun). It is doable, but Macs come with an anti-glare coating that makes them much easier to use (even in suboptimal conditions). Despite this little nuisance, I still believe that the Blade Stealth is a better option. (Also, the anti-glare coating might reduce the accuracy of the colors that you see on screen. I am not sure if it does, but it is something to consider if you really need to have perfectly accurate colors.)

    EDIT 2: The Macbook Pro does have a smaller battery, but I still think that it will have better battery life considering it is running on less powerful hardware and has a lower resolution screen. Also, Apple's laptop batteries are usually in a class of their own. I have yet to see a PC of the same size compete with Apple's battery performance.

  4. "Shut and take my money" that's what i would like to say to the people from Apple store. Damn, my poket can not handle too many releases at a time: New macbook pro, Microsoft Surface, iPhone7, GoPro5…😂🤑😂

  5. I mean really, they turned the Mac Pro into a futuristic trashcan, the iPhone into a block that has no headphone jack, and now a MacBook DS. STEVE JOBS WHERE IN SPACE ARE YOU!?


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