New No Limits Magic Build for Kodi (Sept, 2016)

A Simple Click Really Helps

No Limits Instructions

System file—manager—add source—
Name it No Limits go home
System—addons–install from zip file—kodi no limits –no limits—no limit wizard
Programs—no limits wizard—pick a build—download and relaunch kodi (reboot amazon devices)

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  1. Hi This Build Looks Good, I Tried To Download it. It Started Ok But In install it Only Went 3/4 In Then Stop. Up Came Script Error.Was Trying To Install It On An Android Tv Box. Am Using Kodi 16.1

  2. I just finished downloading it but has no clicking sound whatsoever which I happen to love when listening to your video. There is sound when I play a movie. Another thing is that there are no menu icon widgets above at all like yours is showing. WHY????? Please let me know if there is a way to correct these 2 issues.

  3. installed the build no problems got all images but no movies no sport working,can't get anything to play specto exodus pheonix salts uk Turks.Anything I have to do in the settings any help appreciated


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