Newest Kodi 17.3 Build *Prism *June 2017

A Simple Click Really Helps

Newest Kodi 17.3 Build *Prism *June 2017



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  1. I followed all the steps and i keep getting a pop up asking if i want to do a fresh install and convert back to default settings?? any idea what i did wrong or how i can fix this??

  2. I have kodi v17.3 and it went to the last little bit of download and an error happend. I'm having this issue with all the new builds that are put on YouTube. It's like there only working for kodi 16 and 17,17.2 but not for kodi 17.3. help pls

  3. My man you are rock solid but I have a couple of questions for you. 1. Why do you update your builds? once the builds are installed can you switch between them? If so how? That internet you have is top notch what you got over there bro T1? I love your videos and you have helped this new guy tremendously and have already subscribed.


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