NHL 17 STACKED gm 1 – FULL SEASON? Live Commentary Gameplay

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FULL SEASON Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kePBPDWzMxo&list=PLi0eEODOm-Rie7xHgzQ1U7h5VjJ48t8xx

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  1. Your game-play style works for aggressive chasing defenders. But what do you do when players loaf in the slot and create a wall in front of the goalie and dont move at all except when comp AI picks up deflected puck?

    Another good video, I like how easy you make it look to win, I just upgraded my team with a few players n being a Leafs fan I have 87Matthews n 87Marner on my third line n in just two games they got 6 points already, hopefully my updated squad can get me to at lease Div3 cuz that's where i was last year n I'm having trouble getting to Div5 🙁
    Any advice you could give me about playing in the offensive zone without getting surrounded so quick by the other teams d like flies buzzing around 🐎 💩 lol
    Is it possible to use hustle (L3) too often or at the wrong place or time?
    Thanks bacon can't wait to watch next game of the season, lastly is there any way you could give a shout out to all your viewers from Newfoundland Canada, appreciate it man!! 👍

  3. Save % in HUT is a little screwed up. If you don't give up a lot of shots you're goalie can have a good goals against, but a terrible save %. I give up between 8-15 shots a game usually but usually give up 2 or more goals. My Martin Jones has a .800 save % but a GAA under 2.10.


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