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This plugin is not compatible with Ninja Forms Three.

Ninja Forms Layout and Styles Demo

This extension allows to change layout and styles of your Ninja Forms within your WordPress admin. Start creating beautiful and responsive layouts without any programming knowledge today!


  • Create 100% responsive forms using build in visual layout and styles editor.
  • Use drag-n-drop to create up to 4 column form layouts.
  • Easily style form elements including input boxes, labels, and wrappers.
  • Style Ninja Forms success and error messages.
  • Remove Fields marked with a * are required message.
  • Export and import your forms across the blogs with styles intact.
  • Set custom CSS class to use default theme styling or use;
  • Custom CSS editor to create your own custom form styles.
  • Get free automatic updates.


* New: Translations ready.
* Updated: Form border size field issue fixed.
* Updated: Edit Menu Item text removed for styles tab section dropdowns.
* Updated: Small code improvements and optimizations.

* Updated: First field padding issue fixed (form item was not properly padded if located at [1,2], [1,3], or [1,4] locations).

* New: Added width and height fields to change label, input, textarea and form size.
* New: Added error border color option for Ninja Form fields.
* New: Reuse your form CSS styles. Copy. Paste. Save!
* Updated: Warning notices fixed in frontend-layout.php.
* Updated: Default field border size now set to 1px.

* New: Added option to disable plugin updates (for Envato theme authors).
* New: Added option to resize submit buttons.
* New: Added option to change color for field error message.
* Updated: Save metabox states after styles tab is saved.
* Updated: Form style rendering method updated. CSS minification added.
* Updated: Extra backslash issue fixed with Custom CSS.
* Updated: Warning notices fixed in frontend-layout.php.
* Updated: Fixed small JS issue in Ninja Forms Layout Master backend.

* New: Column rendering option added. By default any Ninja Form will be still rendered using row-by-row principle.
* Updated: Issue fixed where last row is not cleared (using clearfix).

* New: Button hover styling options added to form visual style editor.
* Updated: Form field list order bug fixed when switching from/to Layout and Build Your Form tabs.
* Updated: Clearfix added after each row to force form fields to be properly aligned and displayed.
* Updated: Field styles applied to number and password fields.

* New: Form visual styling options added for Ninja Forms error and success message.
* New: Option added to remove "Fields marked with a * are required" note.
* New: Added color picker option for label require symbol (*).
* Updated: Form Styles tab updated. All items grouped into collapsible metaboxes.
* Updated: 'Disable CSS' property is now reversed and renamed to 'Enable Form Styles'.
* Updated: Fixed warning notices shown when Styles tab is saved.
* Updated: Form CSS Stylesheets optimised.
* Updated: Ninja Forms - Layout Master add-on documentation updated.

* New: ABSPATH checks added for php files (security fix).
* Updated: Fixed warning notices.
* Updated: Ninja Forms - Layout Master compatibility fix for Ninja Forms 2.9+ added.

* New: Initial release




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