Nioh – New PS4 Pro Gameplay – Ogress Boss Battle!

A Simple Click Really Helps

Rob and Nath talk through PSX footage of Tecmo Koei’s hard-as Souls-ish third person action adventure RPG, Nioh, including a boss battle against the brilliantly designed Ogress.

Displayed 4k images are from PS4 Pro. Adjust your YouTube setting to 4K. 4K display device required to view in 4K.

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  1. I beat Tenchu, Ominusha, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Bloodborne, Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1,2,3.
    I am worried for this game. The last good game Team Ninja created was Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Ninja Gaiden 2 and 3 were terrible. Environments remind me of Shadow Warrior, which I did not like. Combat is not as good as it was in Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I want this game to be good, but I am very cautious. I won't preorder this based on the fact that the last amazing game Team Ninja created was Ninja Gaiden Sigma, which I played in 2007. I cant forget how terrible Ninja Gaiden 2 and 3 were. Ominusha was created by Capcom. Team Ninja has not produced a good Ninja Gaiden game since 2007. Look it up on Wikipedia, all of their subsequent Ninja Gaiden games (and there were a lot of them) were trash. Team Ninja is not From Software. From Software produced excellent Dark Souls games. From Software has a stellar record of producing great games, Team Ninja does not. I want to play a demo of Nioh before I spend my money on it.

  2. wow this looks souls game much more than I expected It is FromSoftware which should have made a Japanese style souls like game not this crappy company…

  3. Looks faster paced and more like Bloodborne, which is by far my favorite game on the PS4.
    I will be trying this for free this weekend and see how much it is alike.

  4. my pvp build for Nioh
    Main weapon: sickle and chain
    25 in dexterity/Ninjutsu
    Ninja tools:
    1. paralyzed broth to apply paralyzed effect to weapon.
    2. paralyzed smoke bomb, paralyze anyone within the smoke.
    3. Giant Iga bomb, giant bomb that explode into smaller bombs- deals heavy damage while inflicting burn.
    4. Cat Traps, throw spikes onto group to damage and drain stamina.
    5. Cat Trap bomb, a bomb that explode and scatters cat traps in a wide area.
    6. Quick Change scroll, grant 1 instant revive with %25 health upon death.
    7. Guardian talisman, Rabbit guardian.
    Strategy: use paralyze items to stun enemy once stun, throw Iga bomb to deal direct heavy damage while inflicting burn. Stun again then use guardian talisman to summon a lighting spirit which create a circle electric field that constantly deals lighting damage to any enemy inside the circle while still stun throw cat trap bomb to deal additional damage while pinning player inside the circle with cat traps. The player will be completely stun, while taking lighting and fire damage and cat traps will prevent escapes while draining stamina.


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