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Nokia seems to have delivered the best with their N 97 model. This gadget that was recently launched has already caught the attention of the public with its fascinating look and some breathtaking features. Certainly, this model is a few steps ahead of the N 95 that created a buzz right after its appearance. N 95 was among the best accepted models of Nokia and was in high demand. In fact, the expectation from Nokia was high among people after N 95 was launched in the market. People were looking for something even more attractive than that. It seems that the researchers associated with Nokia have anticipated this hype very well. The new features loaded in the latest launched phone, that is N 97, have definitely met the expectations of the audience.

The best feature of N97 is its huge memory which allows it to store a magnum amount of data that the user might be requiring. It offers 20 GB of internal memory. This is more than enough space to keep a whole lot of videos and pictures. However, this unbelievably large amount of memory can be expanded if a person has more data in store. The SD card can help an user to do that. This card is available everywhere in the world. However, it can be purchased from the internet as well. In fact, this networking facility is another advantage of the N97.

The 5-Mega Pixel camera, that is associated with this phone, is yet another great feature of this site. This will allow you not to miss any scene worth capturing. Apart from that there is the 20x zoom which will bring the world closer to you. With a 3 inches display, the N97 will certainly offer you some real great moments.

The incredible battery backup of Nokia has reached a new high with N97. It will provide you with 400 hours of standby time. Added to it are the other features like the digital music player and FM radio. The media player inside the N97 plays a lot of different music files. Also, there is the Bluetooth to make your experience even better. There is an in-built Wi-Fi that will allow you to download files very quickly from the internet.

Certainly, this is a phone that seems to survive the immense competition among the cell hone manufacturers. In fact, this is one sector where the cutting edge technologies are making their appearance every moment. New features are added to the cell phone to make it more a complex device. However, the N97 leads the way with its state of the art facilities that can not be found anywhere.

This is the age of the smart phones where features like the FM radios, cameras and Bluetooth are quite commonplace. The N97 by Nokia is not an exception and has all the required features. What sets it apart, however, is the quality of service delivered by these feature. To sum up it is a tough phone with some rocking features. If you are planning to buy a phone it is a great buy!

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