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Nokia N70 is quite a popular mobile phone that was one of the first N series mobile phones to be released by the manufacturers. And the rest is history. The popularity of this device is incredible still and it is one of the best devices under the ‘N’ series flagship. Nokia N70 is a victor in every aspect. It has been quite some time that Nokia N70 is in the market and there are many better handsets that have been launched after this mobile phone, but it managed to maintain a consistency in its sales and popularity.

Let us try to critically evaluate Nokia N70, which comes in a traditional candy bar design that makes it look all the more elegant and professional. The TFT screen of this mobile phone emits a panorama of 65,000 colours through it. Nokia N70 is a fairly impressive device in terms of its connectivity as it is a 3G capable handset that can work across five continents, owing to its Tri-Band feature. Also, the connectivity is further strengthened by the features as GPRS, EDGE, and Bluetooth that allows it to work anywhere. Web browsing becomes fairly fast with its UTMS (3G) features that can also do over the air downloads. E-mailing also is a real no problem with Nokia N70 as you can easily exchange mails through this device.

Nokia N70 is equipped with a standard 2 Mega Pixels camera that was reputed to be one of the best camera phones once upon a time, when 2 MP was considered to a great resolution for a camera phone. Further, there is VGA resolution video calling camera that is also a part of this mobile phone. The device is also equipped with a high quality MP3 music player that is able to save unlimited music, of your choice. The memory of this phone can be upgraded with the help of a external memory that can be expanded with the feature of hot swapping. The retail pack also comes bundled with a 64 MB card.

We have also seen the music edition of Nokia N70 that is promoted as a music phone with a colossal memory. The music variant of Nokia N70 has been received very well by the users and is already a worldwide hit. So, get your Nokia N70 and feel the magic of an N series phone!

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