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Download NoLimits Build Krypton not working anymore

how to get it for amazon fire stick. watch this videoo
For FireStick

today i have a new way of getting installed nolimits magic build in your kodi without echowizard . echowizard not no longer working and most people do not know how to get the famous kodi complete buiild nolimits. im showing you a new way 2017 how to get nolimits build installed in kodi 16.1 jarvis or kodi 17.1 krypton in your android box or pc laptop without echowizard. install no limit build without echo wizard.

how to get nolimits build magic without echowizard
nolimits repository
nolimits repo
how to get nolimits build for amazon firestick
how to get nolimits build for android box
nolimts build for pc or laptop



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  1. Ok every one i figured out what to do. The no limits link does not have the build info as of today! Just download the google docs file in the description and replace and overwrite the files with in your kodi folder in users data then just restart kodi. You are welcome!

  2. your tutorial is hard to follow and understand. where did the zip file come from?
    (Do you have a separate video on that?) You also don't comment on how you have kodiooo in your file system.
    I would love to install no limits with your help. Can you offer more help?
    Thank you.

  3. I don't get it, you already have no limits installed, then you changed the file name to something else. Then you opened Kodi again, of course no limits was not there. Then you went back and deleted the new Kodi file and change the old Kodi file back to the original, then of course no limits is back again. Are you joking? April fool is next Saturday.

  4. Wow, Kodinolimits just can't find a different setting. It's just the same style time n time again. Its nice, but its getting boring . Sorry for being so blunt, but hopefully u understand.

  5. A couple comments. 1) instructional videos need to slow and deliberate, not speed records. 2) Do you have tutorial specific to Firestick? , 3) would love to see this performed on Mac Thank you for making the video and for taking the time to listen


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