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Every job, according to an old adage, requires a good and right tool. Soldiers have guns and firefighters have their fire protectors. Carpenters have their hammers and mechanics their wrench.  Even nursing profession is not exempted. To get the finest performance expected of a nurse, their expertise must be accompanied with great tools and apparels. We have seen several articles about nurses that wish universal, high technological suits to help them perform their jobs well. Well, contemporary equipments are good but as long as these wishes are yet coming true, going back to basics is a lot of help.

Listed here are the basic things that nurses should have with them before going to work. Of course, nurses will have their own sets and non-nurses would be thinking of these gears. So, this list of four main gadgets may vary according to every nurse’s acuity. But overall the things you can discover here are of immense aid.

  1. Pens and Tablets – How would you ever chart a patients’ progress with bare hands? Pens are important partners of nurses so make sure that your have always this small friend on your medical scrubs. Though one pen is enough, 2 to 3 pens each with different color than the other is recommended. This is not for you to do art while on duty but just great way of putting emphasis on what you put in the chart. Oh yes! You can also equip yourself with highlighter and a sticky note.
  2. Watch – When you were just in nursing school, watches are a must. Time is very important on nurses and you always need this small gadget. There are great watches out there though wristwatches are splendid. There are also watches that you can pin to your scrubs if you do not want accessories in your arm.
  3. Clogs or Shoes – Mobility is very important for a nurse and because of this, proper nursing shoes or clogs must be used. Rubber shoes are recommended because they do not easily slip off the floor and the breathable canvas are just the best materials to help the feet relax.  Be cautioned of using sliders as it might cause accident when you are faced with emergency situation.
  4. Stethoscope – This is very basic. Every nurses need to have a stethoscope. But lately nurses no longer bring with them their own stethoscopes. Some hospitals provide them with one and they have it in their personal lockers. No matter the reason is or what this entry might look like for some, stethoscopes are important part of a nurse’s duty and it should either cling around his or her nape or primly kept on the medical scrubs.

Besides these four, the most vital of course would be your medical scrubs. You can always choose the most stylish and super comfortable scrubs out there. Choose those with enough pockets so you can put everything that you needed.

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