NVIDIA Shield Best KODI Setup and AddOns *JUNE 2016*

A Simple Click Really Helps

Nvidia Shield TV: http://amzn.to/28Qzemh

Kodi works best on the Nvidia Shield TV in my experience out of all the devices I have tried it on. This is my favorite setup and my most used addons!
With this method you will have Kodi setup in less than 5 minutes!

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  1. So I'm not sure why but I have lag so bad that most things won't even load…my internet is TWC with 300 down and 20 up and I have a Google OnHub router which is no joke 10 feet away…. any ideas?

  2. excellent explanation!!! I heard that there was an updated version coming out. Is that true? I am transitioning from apple and need to purchase ASAP, but i rather get the new one if its coming out.

  3. i have a cheep android box I've been using for kodi with 60Mbps internet but it buffers a lot. Will the nvidia shield make a noticeable difference with the buffering?

  4. Who gives a shit about all that pirated crap. How will this interact with all my locally stored media that I ripped myself to my NAS. Will it use all my local metadata and artwork as well?

  5. I have Kodi Jarvis Fire Stick with fusion and Kodi Jarvis with Fusion on windows 10 but I don't know how to use the search feature I saw you using. Can you drop in a website or one of you vids that shows how to work that?

  6. lol sweet! Kodi is the sh*t! Got it loaded up on my shield tablet. Schism builds are pretty awesome.

    I find it's easier to use builds, customize them and back em up. Complete Kodi Setup Wizard app is pretty sweet, allows us to install different builds, etc. I've tried TVAddons but I'm not a fan of the branding.


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