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Well I did say that their would be an amazing giveaway, and its nearly here. This is a very simple competition to enter and you could win yourself and amazing Nvidia Shield all for leaving a comment. So what the rules, well theres none really apart from you have to comment on THIS POST, not on my Twitter Facebook or Youtube but this one. Then once my Youtube channel reaches 10,000 amazing subscribers then a winner will be picked from one of the comments listed below it really is as simple as that. 

My channel should reach its 10,000th subscriber in just over a week so don’t wait just comment, if you are ready this then just add a comment.

Would you like to enter more than once?

Well you can, all you have to do is share this post, I can tell who shares it and how many times so don’t you worry about that, maximum of 5 shares per person. So you have 6 chances to win!!!!!

So what will you comment, well this is where its still doesn’t get tricky, anything you want to!! Nothing rude though please.!!!

Did I mention that theres talk of Tech Timeruuu giving one away too, BIG HINT HERE, check out his YouTube Channel here and also Spartan and The BEAST KODI and just you wait, it will be a simple comment on the blog post like here, I like to make things simple and uncomplicated. It really is as easy as ever to win something for nothing!!

UPDATE : Techs post can be found right here http://spartanpixel.net/video/2-nvidia-shields-giveaway/ go check it out for another entry !! You guys and girls are lucky!! 🙂

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So just to clarify:

Comment on this post to gain entry to the Nvidia Shield Giveaway

Share up to 5 times to gain a maximum of 6 entries (will be monitored to ensure no one shares more than 5 times, if so then you will be removed from competition)

Winner will be announced up to maximum of 1 week after my Youtube Channel reached 10,000 subscribers.



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  1. I have an open support case with Nvidia on this, will see what they come up with. Maybe a firmware update could get the Shield to use another channel.


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