OMG! iPhone 7 EXPLODES!!!!

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iPhone 7 EXPLODES & BURNS in a car. Apple is currently investigating the incident. Checkout the exploded iPhone 7 story here:


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  1. must have been sponsored/orchestrated by the dumbbell koreans hoping to cut Apple's surge following Note 7 hand grenade.

    3 letters to dumbdong: GFU.

  2. Of course it explode she put it under a bunch of clothes in the car near the beach and left it for surfing .. are fu*** kidding me .. every other phone would have explode too.. don't get me wrong.. i'm just upset with the woman

  3. Bull that there have been only two reporterd incidents. There have been at least 5 reported incidents. One of the iphones exploded in the face of it's user while he was making a phonecall. He was taking to a hospotal for treatment of the wound on his cheek.

  4. Ok what are the chances of an iphone exploding right after the Samsung did? hahaha! i'm sorry but I'm calling bullshit on this one… by the looks it was made up by a Android user! because he's still mad of what happened to Samsung's so called best phone of the year! 😂😂

  5. loool well now iPhone users can't chat shit anymore 😂😂 It started from IPhone users saying "the note 7 explodes" but the iPhone 6 with its shitty built quality and crap materials bend and the iPhone 7 explodes… ain't that some shit 😂😂😂


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