OpTic Gaming vs. EnVyUs (Three Hardpoints on Call of Duty: IW)

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  1. The one thing i will NEVER understand about CoD fans is, why do they care sooo much about what gun every player uses… Like why does it matter that everyone is using the same gun, are you staring at the kill feed or something… In Halo, everyone uses the same gun and not one time have fans cried about it… Remember when Nadeshit used the HBR for 1 life at Champs, he got roasted for it yet those same retarded fans cry about every player using the same gun

  2. And then he wonders why he killed no one with the Bombardment, hahaha if he put one on the stairs and one in front of the door and the other in the hill, he wipes out the entire nV team… Putting all 3 on top of each other is going to kill no one

  3. Crim may be the worst camo player and kill streak user in CoD… When he called in his Bombardment, he just puts all three circles right on top of each other instead of spreading them out so nV would of only have one option which was to push cave but instead, they could go down the stairs or in that room… And with Camo, he shoots someone as soon as he sees someone instead of roaming around looking for players…


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