OpTic Hitch & MaNiaC Freestyle [Eat The Banana Pt. 2]

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  1. Yo Hitch, just wanted to say you're one of my favorite dudes at the Optic house. I don't think enough people know just what you do for Optic but I know I do. You're the fucking man bro just thought you should know. You should have way more subs than you do. P.S. The jeep is awesome, but I think you should treat yourself to a new whip, you deserve it bro and every bit of success you have/had coming your way!

  2. Anyone know where the clip of Hitch going off on one of these freestyles is, I think Pamaj was there but Hitch was going so hard that he actually stood up to keep freestyling, it was by far the best freestyle but I couldn't find it and forgot to clip it.


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