Osterity vs Barrage – Six Invitational – Closed Qualifier – EU XBOX – Round 1

A Simple Click Really Helps

— Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/rainbow6



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  1. Can someone explain why they use holo/red dot/reflex sight on pretty much all the guns? They are pros right? I kinda expected them to use acog on everything it can be used on since they cover each others back and position them self a lot better than a normal player. I personally use acog on everything and I'm Platinum 3 but they are still a lot better than me so I know that they are probably doing the right thing and me the wrong thing.

  2. Seems like the Val cams and just cameras in general are barely used by the attackers? It's kind of strange. On PC you see people the defenders checking camera's all the time. I play on console and use them all the time. I didn't see them used at all during this match


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