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My interest in the broadcasting and transmission technology has been rife starting with my first TV tuner card installation for one my client several years back. As a network engineer working in an ISP firm then, I have watch with dismay poor quality streaming videos from these TV cards installations due to slow Internet connection speed.

With broadband internet and better improved technology of compressing video and audio, the digital satellite TV broadcasting can now also be experienced by internet user. First, Digital Satellite is the main transmission medium used in delivering most TV broadcast. The good about this technology is that you can receive it free.

Digital Free Satellite TV which is also synonymous to free to air satellite is a term used to describe satellite broadcasts or transmissions which anybody can receive legally without a subscription and the programs are not encrypted but is usually encoded with MPEG-2. When these broadcasts web links are finally pool on Tour laptop with the aid of a satellite TV on PC software, and your media player that is all MPEG compliant, off you go viewing.

The introduction of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) which is also synonymous with Online TV, it has made watching TV online possible. The satellite TV on PC software employs the Internet protocol to search for links of channels by pooling them together on the user’s PC for viewing.

Now IPTV technique has improved from its early primary confinement to the low speed Internet connections, now with the increasingly widespread and higher accessibility of broadband connections, or rather high speed Internet connections, multimedia broadcasting and IPTV have become possible.

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It is amazing how right now you can view ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox networks, and you can watch full episodes of streaming television f many of your favorite network programs, regular evening programming. You can also go to many of the cable networks and find the full-length episodes also.

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