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Price: £5.98

Our microphone be made from pure copper material which sound conduction performance is much better than others copper plating materials. Professional mobile phone microphone design for video recording lovers and singing lovers.

Professional level capacitive microphone core has wide frequency response and high sensitivity.

Perfect noise reduction and omnidirectional sensor pick up sounds from your environment easily.

Shielded cord to reduce the loss of sound without interference,provides clear and accurate voice experience to the user.

Metal clip is more durable and stable to stay on your clothes, makes you hands-free when you talking and singing, won’t fall off easily.

Lightweight,small and compact design allows you to easily clip it to your shirt, tie or pocket,easy to carry anywhere.

Easy to install and remove, simple to use, just plug-in and play, not need driver.

Extra 1.5 m long cable is perfect in every possible scene, according to user’s flexibility and range choice for speaking or meeting.

Chat in comfort while using Skype, gaming, video conferencing, sing and speech,ect

Ideal microphone, meet all requirements of audio and video and it don’t need the battery.

Compatible with 3.5mm audio Jack for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Smartphones & tablet.

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional
Microphone material:Pure copper
Plug diameter: Φ5mm*17 mm
Mic core:-30dB±2dB
Wire: PVCΦ2.0*1.5m

1 * Condenser Microphone
1 * Sponge
1 * Metal Clip
1 * Nice PU BagMini gilded 3.5 mm jack, more delicate, smooth and durable, ensure 100% original sound.
Tie metal clip and super long 1.5 meter cord lapel microphone allows you to have a flexible and free range of motion, and to achieve hands-free at the same time.
Mini condenser mic has perfect sound absorption effect with omnidirectional sensor has strong sensitivity to pick up all voice.
Advanced PVC shielding materials, reduce the signal interference, 98% eliminate external noise of outside, mini condenser microphone provide more clear voice.
All copper material tie clip microphone better for sound transmission and reduced the loss of tone.clip on microphone makes you more enjoy the pleasure of singing or recording.


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