Playstation 4 Has The Dumbest Mod Support For Fallout 4

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  1. checked out the mods last night for fallout 4 the mods are crap and not worth using they couldn't even add a mod menu like they did in Skyrim remastered and you cant access the mods to activate or deactivate them you have to go to the website to choose and enable mods for fallout 4 they might as well not have given us them because they are so limited

  2. I'm salty about it it feels completely useless because all we're going to get is fucking make your character op that's it they're only doing this to not have the negative publicity and you can bet your ass they're losing sales hence why they're giving us scraps so we don't get an xbox

  3. fuck i have playd Playstation since it came out. was my favorite console. but now to here this shit. fuck sony going back to play my computer. or maybe get a fuckn x box1. shot bro for this video

  4. Probably gonna change as the upset ramps up. Personally though, mods have always broken Bethesda games for me it's kinda nice they aren't so big I would be tempted to ruin my fun again for that quick dopamine rush lol

  5. I'm a ps4 player, and by this point, mod support (especially in that watered down form) is useless. I will not be purchasing Fallout on a sony console going forward. Time to get a PC so I can really enjoy all the game has to offer.

  6. i just recently got fallout 4 for the ps4, one of the reasons being that i knew that they had changed their mind and decided to give it mod support. i don't plan on downloading a bunch of mods, so 1 gb shouldn't matter unless there is a mod i want that takes up 1 gb of space, so this shouldn't affect me, but since i am not a computer person, i have no idea what it means by "external assets" and with my luck that means something that i would not be happy with.

    also at 2:03 how do you change the way the pip boy looks? is that a mod or dlc, or is that something i can do without any of that? i know that in the menu you can change the color of the screen, but how do you change the outside part

  7. I agree it's stupid, but when you're talking about mods with NO external assets, the size of the possible mods drops drastically. Since there aren't any new models, textures, sound files, etc. that means there's only modded code, Such as this Shotgun now shoots 6 mini nukes at a time, or this pistol now fires a shot that deal 1 dmg but will knock the target over the horizon. (These 2 examples are based on the things I modded in my new vegas) But, I might be over looking something or over simplifying.

    Still, I hate the limits they imposed.

  8. Not even excited about mod support on the PS4 anymore. Mods are amazing on PC and always keeps giving you more reason to play the game you are modding. Skyrim just keeps getting better with the more mods I get.

  9. This is why I bought a GTX 1050 ti graphics card for my laptop,Ive waited a year for this shit to come to the ps4 and its ruined. Just waiting for my PCI dock to be shipped in that allows me to run the desktop card on my laptop and I should be good to go. Also I want to try out Space Engineers lol

  10. While I understand where you're coming from @Protomario, when this game came out the cards that could run it at a decent fps were more expensive. The game has been out for a year now so to say that you can buy a PC for the same price as the ps4 and a game you're assuming these people haven't already bought a ps4/Xbox one, as if they wanted to wait to buy a console when the PC prices dropped. Many people traded in older consoles and probably saved a considerable amount on the purchase price or got bundle deals.

  11. I love how everyone praises the fucking PC, when all it takes is for it to get hacked, infected, or have a HDD/CD failure, and then you're fucked.Seriously, everyone always wants to recommend a fucking PC.

    A PC is good for only a few years. Whereas consoles are good for decades. My PS2 slim proves that. And it still works like a charm. No viruses, no hackers, no driver failures, nothing. Yea, the PC is the master race alright.

  12. Dont Get It Twisted… Bethesda Takes Fault In This To.If Their Graphics Designers Didn't SUCK So Bad People Wouldn't Need Mods To Improve Their Fuckups.And If Sony Have Kept Their Fuckin Mouth SHUT PS4 Owners Wouldn't Be Getting The Shaft On Mods…Pure And Simple

  13. I gave Fallout 4 to my friend. It gets so goddamn boring without Mods that's one of the main reasons Skyrim and Fallout NV/3 survived so long, maybe I'm crazy but Fallout 4 has so much less content, there's only 3 GOOD Armor sets and variations and upgrades for those sets (Light, medium, heavy), the weapons are almost ALL just things carried over from the last two games, and there's so little addition to perks it's boring. You get +10 defense! Oh… cool" "You can craft better upgrades! Whereas in the previous games you just bought them for like a quarter of the price of the materials you need to buy to make the mod you wanna create" it's just so basic and bare bottom without mods I got bored of it in like a month, it also handicaps the player practically and I got so overpowered by level 40 and especially with upgrades like Handcannon and using the Magnum I was slaying Deathclaws, Radscorpions and entire packs of Heavy-Combat-Armor Gunners like I was killing rabbits. And I'm not kidding I 4 shorted most "Glowing Sea" enemies and 1 shotted pretty much every gunner. But now knowing we're only getting one fucking gigabyte of mods? A lot of the GOOD mods alone are TWO Gigabytes! Do they want us to just get weapon re-texturizers? The fuck do we do with that little mods! I gave it to my friend because he's hella awesome. He's probably gonna get bored and give it back though if I'm completely honest


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