PlayStation 4 Pro Review

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The PS4 Pro offers more powerful hardware and is equipped to take advantage of 4K TVs, but is it worth the upgrade?

Watch 4K/60 Gameplay Captured on PS4 Pro:
Battlefield 1 –
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor –

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  1. In 2013, PS4 was released. In 2016, PS4 WITHOUT 4k blu-ray player built-in is released. So, I call it the upgraded PS4 because it's NOT PS5 with 4k blu-ray player built-in will be released in the futture.

  2. If you don't have a 4K TV then no in buying The Pro there is no exclusives for it so might as well stick to your regular PS4 or just jump ship and come over to Xbox because Sony been taking L's for the past 3 months and will take another L for november Lol nice try sony.

  3. Stop with the wishful thinking, got the game and the console, @Battlefield does NOT support PS4 Pro, there is a night/day difference between the multiplayer graphics of Titanfall 2 and BF. But Why?

  4. I'm happy with my ps4 that came with the amazing uncharted nathan drake collection. don't think I'll be trading it in for the ps4 pro anytime soon. don't really see a need for it unless mine breaks somehow..

  5. Maaan im confuse, whats should i get ps4 pro or slim? If ever, this will be my very first console. I dont own 4k tv but maybe in the future. Does the pro really worth extra 100$? compare to ordinary ps4? what are other benefits of pro that i can have even tho i dont have a 4k tv (only 1080 tv)? help your man out thanks!

  6. What's the point in upgrading your console every couple of years just for graphics £350 as well Im just buying a gaming pc and updating that every couple of years and games are cheaper as well win win really

  7. The PRO is also capable in offering higher FPS, I don't know why this is hardly mentioned. If you're getting the PRO just for graphics/visual improvements, remember the difference in quality for most peoples eyes from FHD to UHD isn't as great as SD to FHD.

  8. i have a day one ps4 so i have had mine for 3 years now using 500gb. this uprgrade is worth it for me as i will get 1tb hardrive, 4k gaming on my new tv, better psvr, nicer looking console and new controller and a new console for at least another 3 to 4 years


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