PlayStation 4 Pro Review

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How does Sony’s mid-cycle hardware upgrade build upon the success of the PlayStation 4? Check out our full review and see!

PS4 Pro Unboxing

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Official PS4 Pro Tech Video

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  1. If i dont have any console and I dont have 4k tv should i buy the ps4 pro? or take the slim with more games. Other question is ps4 pro run 1080p with 60fps(my tv can run only 1080p)?

  2. okay i have a BIG question and maybe someone can help me with it. So i got a new playstation pro about 2 days ago.. i have a 4K TV. When i put my Playstation pro on for the first time it updated to 40.5 update.. now when that happened i don't know if it was the update but the system doesn't read it has a 4K TV. and my xbox one s reads it as a 4K TV.

  3. 499 for a console that runs worse than the original PS4. 499 for a console that does crappy checker board rendering! 499 for a console that says does Ultra Hd and has no Ultra Hd player! Well Sony not getting my money for this crappy machine!

  4. look if you don't have a regular ps4 then get the ps4 pro, but if you do have a regular ps4 then don't get the ps4 pro or else you will be disappointment.

  5. currently the PlayStation 4 Pro is having compatibility issues with Vizio and LG 4K televisions so until they release a patch us users that have those television cannot utilize the 4K output of the pro.

  6. One major upgrade on the PS4 that no one mentions is the SATA port for the hard drive. The original PS4 only supports sata 2 making SSDs useless because it bottlenecks. The PS4 PRO supports SATA 3. Way more bandwidth. Now everything loads faster AND you can switch to an SSD and actually see an improvement were before it was just a waste of money.

  7. Maaan im confuse, whats should i get ps4 pro or slim? If ever, this will be my very first console. I dont own 4k tv but maybe in the future. Does the pro really worth extra 100$? compare to ordinary ps4? what are other benefits of pro that i can have even tho i dont have a 4k tv (only 1080 tv)? help your man out thanks!

  8. I had this preordered, and picked it up today. I kinda just assumed I'd be getting better graphics and performance with double the GPU and faster CPU, but so far the only difference for 90% of games that even support it are higher resolution, which does me little since my TV is 1080p…might have to return it and save the money


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