PlayStation 4 Pro Reviews are in – DOES SONY CARE? PS4 Pro review (PS4 Pro gameplay)

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PS4 Pro review – Let’s look at some PlayStation 4 Pro reviews and discuss the PS4 gameplay & Xbox Scorpio.

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PS4 pro review : Should you buy ? Does It Suck. We also discuss the Xbox Scropio and the PS4 Pro future. PS4 Pro games.

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  1. Wen will console gamers learn there is no True 4k consoles in Xbox /Sony and until they program in 4k it's a none argument on which is better it's down to the developers at the end of the day
    Unless your a pc gamer u might not get the incrimental upgrade in visuals/Framerate and a upgrade console

  2. But why would I buy an Xbox scorpio? Microsoft said that the games won't be XBOX exclusive, but Microsoft exclusive. So i can play them on PC, what is the point of their new console actually?

  3. Sony has a rule in place, that games aren't allowed to be made to run at a higher framerate. All the Pro, and Scorpio are, are scams to get away with charging a lot of money, for old systems.The "only" reason someone should ever buy a new system, is to play "new games", so I have no sympathy for the graphic whores buying into the BS Sony, and MS are pulling.

  4. I sold my ps4 and got a ps4 pro. I played Tomb raider on 30fps enhanced visuals and was blown away. Very happy. But Sony really should have put a slightly faster CPU in it. My Pro cost £332 in the UK. Even if a faster CPU had pushed it up to £380, it would have been worth it.

    I have a fantastic 1080p 50 inch LG plasma. Tomb raider looks superb on it. I don't think it's worth spending a fortune on a 4K HDR TV right now. I just don't think the picture is going to be that much better, if at all. But if I'm wrong, I'd still rather wait until the OLED ones come down in price dramatically. I've heard talk of 8K televisions. Things are getting ridiculous. The eye can only see so much detail.

  5. Sorry but this guy with the accent makes zero sense……….exclusives do not sell consoles, multiplats sell consoles and the console that offers the multi plats at higher fps and resolution will win the war. Stop acting like Scorpio will flop because of exclusives….If they offer native 4k 60fps on all games or even options to get better fps they will take over…PRO is gimp compared to scorpio….Phil Spencer can bend over Sony and drop a hammer on them next year after this PRO become a meh update only….Scorpio is double the power of PRO

  6. PS4 is the Truth hands down, I got a 4K tv and its worth it not to mention Xbox is always behind Sony when it comes to Technology, Scorpio aint coming out no time soon and when it dose come out PS5 will be kicking its ass…I bet when Scorpio dose land finally maybe in 2017 early 2018 that system will be 600 balls to spend, you got to go Balls deep for that one to buy…lol Stop the Hate Xbox Fanboys

  7. Sony promised me 1080p native gaming with the PS3….. They lied. With a few exceptions most were upscaled or 720p. Then there was PS4 and yet again native 1080p 60fps seems like a bridge too far, now we have to get excited about pseudo 4K? What about mastering 1080p first?

  8. wow that's way to long a vid about nothing. sum it up. sony updated all ps4 users to awesome capability so standard ps4 users arnt getting screwed for supporting sony early. and like always, its early. people will get hdr 4k t.v. and games will be made for them. the world keeps on spinning.

  9. Microsoft have no chance to destroy sony for a start why the games every exclusive microsoft has is on pc now that can be played better in every way so why would someone buy a scorpio over getting a pc while sony has games you can't get anyware else microsoft has killed the scorpio even before production has began and sony will release a ps5 a year or two after scorpio with better specs but with one extra card to play exclusive games

  10. also I don't see why sony is pushing for consol parity yes in multiplayer games on the ps4 and pro should be the same but in singleplayer games the the fps should be maxed out on the pro compared to the standard ps4s as it's not detrimental to anyone's experence I am happy with the pro but more should have been done to justify the hardware boost

  11. there is something wrong with Sony lately. Look at how they handled the No Mans Sky situation. Someone there MUST have known that the game should not have been released in the state it was in. They were complicit in that disaster. They are a!so not handling other IP's well at all.

  12. They should be okay. People overreacted with the 4k stuff but as long as that hardware can do 1080p 60fps on games that i like then it will still sell for people without 4k tv.

  13. Sony's big mis-step with the Pro is emphasizing "4K" over better performance and more stable frame-rates. I've played a lot of games on my PS4 and I've never had an issue with how a game looks or the resolution being too low on my 50" TV (console gaming isn't like PC gaming where you usually are seated at a desk 2 feet from the screen). I have had major problems with poor frame-rates though, some games (Fallout 4 and the Witcher 3 for example) I've found completely unplayable because they dip way below 30 fps. Honestly I think Sony should mandate every game run at 60 fps, but 30 should be the bare minimum, games that dip to 20-25 shouldn't pass certification.

    I also don't see Scorpio fixing this issue, Microsoft has said every game will run in native 4K. Okay, so does that mean 4K 60 fps, how is that possible when ever uber-expensive ultra-high-end video cards (GTX 1080/Titan/etc.) can't always hit that target for every game? Is the Scorpio going to cost $1000? $2000? Is it even a console at that point?

  14. your video is garbage. it's down to the developers to boost frame rates – the console alone will only do what it can with the information on the disc and patches given. I'm not being a fan boy at all but the console is not going to do all the work and change a games performance for game developers.

    also a lot of people are hating on the graphics…. guys, you have to see it in person, YouTube compresses 4k video so you will probably never see the difference.
    Yeh Scorpio may have a 4k player and be a better console….. but where is it? it's not a console comparison if ps4pro is already here and Scorpio is expected a year in the future maybe more.

  15. Pre ordered my pro and picking up on Thursday, I already own a PS4 and have a 1080p tv. Cant wait for better graphics on my 1080p give it time. Sony should have went with the push to 1080p owners but were afraid of backlash from gamers that just got a PS4 so that had to say 4K.

  16. You guys really need to think about the potential moving forward rather than what exactly it offers today. When any other new console has been released, including PS3 and PS4, there really wasn't that many games at release and they were less impressive. Give it a year or so and every reviewer will be raving about PS4 pro. Do you really think developers aren't going to take advantage of the extra power. The better looking the game, or the better the game play, the closer to their vision they can get and the more likely they will sell more units. Some of the things you are saying in this video seem very short sighted.

  17. don't care about the pro. I've had the standard ps4 about 1 year since launch and love it. screw the 4K and pretty visuals crap! I'm just glad to have a ps4 to play great games on. if I need to get another ps4, then I'll get the slim. but other than that, the next major console I'm getting is the Switch. and that's going to be it for the next 6 years or so


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