PlayStation Vita Longplay [001] Monster Monpiece

Played by: Tsunao

[EXTREME RUBBING!] Card game by Compile Heart.

Follow May and her monster girl buddy Fia as a trip to a battle turns into saving the world of Yafaniel. Bras and panties may or may not be involved.

Gameplay is simple: send a monster girl out and have her march to the enemies HQ to destroy it. There are also different types of monster girls: Melee, Ranged, Healer, and Buffer. To upgrade your monster girls, you use Rub-P and play a minigame that involves finding the sensitive spots, poke it a few times, and RUB DA VITA! I’m sure y’all seen the GIF on the intertweubz. That’s the minigame. :3

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This longplay tries to just get through the game on a non-clean save (System Data). I don’t bother covering all of the map because I already played through the game and picked up the good stuff (because System Data said so.). Some inconsistency up to Chapter 4 because I had to rerecord up to that point. Don’t expect the rubbing minigame.


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  1. A shame this had to be censored in order for it to be released in the States.  That caused Idea Factory to stop doing Compile Heart games that would require censorship to bring to the U.S.

  2. what the longplay curse works is when you do a game good to best well once you take a hit or something then you get bad luck to worse luck for almost for the whole game everytime you get bad luck a bit the curse gose away for while then comes back and you more like get a game over more then ever and dose that for all levels as well and it cause it only when do a longplay also if you have bad players for each game while during a longplay well it double the curse to 4x


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