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More eco products are being introduced almost every day, each providing a unique proposition that would lessen our carbon footprint or lessen the use of natural resources.  One of these new green technologies that was offered in recent years is the innovative inkless and tonerless printer that uses a special type of paper that can be printed using UV light instead of ink.  The result is a page that may appear that it came out from a fax machine.

Although the special paper needed for such printer is reusable, it would take up to 24 hours before the paper completely fades back to its original state.  Sanwa Newtec introduces a new kind of ink-free and toner-free printer that makes the special paper completely reusable in an instant.  The PrePeat rewritable printer uses a special paper that is made of PET plastic, the type used in water bottles and food containers.  If the printed documents are no longer needed, simply insert the paper back into the printer and the paper turns black before losing its color again.  The time is takes to fade color depends on the temperature in the room.

The PrePeat rewritable printer costs a hefty 500,000 yen (about US$5,600), while the special paper costs 300 yen for each sheet.  But come to think of it, each sheet of paper is said to work about 1,000 times, so imagine the cost your office would save in the long run.  If you need more paper for your presentation, though, tough luck.


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