PS VR Games on PlayStation 4 Pro – BIG DIFFERENCE (PS4 Pro review)

PS VR Games look way better on PS4 Pro. See the PS4 Pro Review of the PS VR games on PlayStation 4 Pro. PlayStation VR Games.

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PlayStation VR Games look very good on PS4 Pro review. Let’s take a loot at some PS4 Pro gameplay screenshots of Robinson The Journey PS4 Pro , London Heist PS4 Pro (PS VR World PS Pro) , Battlezone PS4 Pro.

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  1. I'm not really satisfied how Robinson the Journey looks like. I thought it will looks better even on the normal PS 4. Now I'm not sure if I really want to buy a PS Pro. If the difference is not very very better it makes no sense to me to buy it. And I really really hate this pussy slow mode to walk btw…

  2. uhmmmmmmm i think that you let you're self foold at The Heist example. The Van is 2meters further down the road than picture one. Theirefore its a bigger chance that theire is a steetlight wich lights up the interior……..

  3. Pity that you can't have non-VR games pass through the PSVR PU in 4K or with HDR.
    Also, most of those 'before' images look nothing like what I see in my PSVR. Its almost as if they have been doctored to look worse to make the Pro's visuals look better…
    The ultimate PS4 / PS4Pro test would be Driveclub VR. Thats a game that absolutely looks like shit on the regular PS4.

    I might even take some video when I get my Pro in a few days time, coz those screengrabs are dodgy as hell.


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