PS4 Pro and “IGNORANT” Xbox One Crap Gaming Fangirls WTF?

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Some ignorant fanboys in the YouTube Gaming Community seem to have such a ignorant Alliance with branding it makes them stupid. Nioh will be hitting the PS4 Pro with Native 4K gaming and 30fps it will also have a 1080p 60fps Action mode for 4K displays and a HD 1080p high quality anti-aliasing 30fps mode. I enjoy my Xbox One S but i will enjoy the PS4 Pro taking Advantage of my 4K display a whole year before I can get a microsoft Scorpio.



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  1. not sure about that sales for ps4 isnt good right now in north america ps4 pro not a bad deal for 400$ but dont compare to the scorpio its gonna be vega with a zen cpu the ps4 pro needs gimmick to supposed do 4k hardware wise theres no way in hell ps4 pro do 4k

  2. Both consoles are good ok, but what confused me was how you were saying the guy is an Xbox fanboy and clearly you're a fanboy of PlayStation you hypocrite. And what was the purpose of making this video because I'm sure everyone knows that the PS4 Pro is the hottest console out right now.

  3. PC master race. enjoy your upscaling. the only games it can do native 4K are remasters. It's a machine designed to improve resolution but framerates are usually CPU bound so good luck for 60fps. Also look at the huge amount of titles supported. pffffffff

  4. Ps pro Titanfall 2 at 2560x1440p 60 fps .Running in 4k is waste of resources because just rendering 4k pixel count eats most of the GPU'S resources away ,off the bat.Spend those GPU resources on bigger worlds , faster/steadier fps , better graphics etc.I have a PC with more than enough power for 4k but I'd whether have faster frame-rate ,than a higher pixel count anyday.I just bought a ps pro too because I sold my ps4 to help get it The pro is cool but if you've only got a 1080p or already have a ps4 it's not worth right now.People who should buy a pro is those that don't have a ps4 currently or you have a 4k tv and want to put to use and of course those ps fanboy's . I play on PC 99 % of the time but I am one who can enjoy some consoles too . :)

  5. Xbone fanboys are pathetic and gay… they always say the same shit about PS4 but then again they own one…! 😂😂😂 and they always say shit like "OOO wait till Scorpio comes out it's gonna be wayyyy better"…. WHAT!??? How the fuck do you fag Xbone fans even know that!? Plus Xbone always over prices their accessories like always… Watch PS4 Pro be better in the long run as usual lol 😂

  6. I agree with the guy. From what i can tell Microsoft is trying to merge Console and Windows 10.
    I love the PS4 and PS has always been more powerful that Xbox, however I think things are starting to change.
    I have beeen a PS Fanboy all my life and recently I have switched to Xbox, they just are doing a better job in design and user experience. As for PS4 pro, its fast and powerful, but the Scorpio will will have to see whats in store for that. a bit
    In my Opinion Microsoft is doing us better, PS is just more powerful. Ill take the Xbox One S and periferals with a PS4 Pro internals any day.

  7. Why be a fanboy? Neither system is perfect. I'm glad I gave that " fanboy" thing up years ago. I have the PS4. No plans to upgrade. I also have the Xbox One S. I'm looking into PC, but I like consoles. That's just preference and what I'm comfortable with. Anyway. Happy gaming people.

  8. exactly…theses fucking fags running around excited about a damn console Microsoft promise hahahahaha…I'm loving my PS4 Pro, I'm rocking BF1 in 4k upscale and it looks just like my PC minus the PC nerd Hackers/Aimbot pussies

  9. idgaf either way I sold my Xbox one and then got the One S and just bought a fuckin PS4 Pro 2 days ago and will be getting the Xbox Scorpio they both have there strength and weakness. Not to mention all my friends are on Xbox so it will be my first preference rather it has better visuals or not.

  10. 40…MILLION….FUCKING….CONSOLES…..when the title says ignorant xbox fanboy, then proceeds to get mad when someone says what's the use of the ps4 pro like he knows the specs of the ps4 pro when legit everyone doesn't know what a teraflop is


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