PS4-Pro Reviews Are in and They Aren’t Great.. Here’s Why.

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PS4 Pro Reviews are in… and they arent great.. Here is what we know.

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  1. No UHD drive is a huge no no for me, the fact the scorpio is about a year away I'll wait for a real 4k machine. (I have a PS4, no xbox one which is probably why the scorpio makes more sense for my situation)

  2. I'll be picking up the Pro, just like I'll be picking up the Switch and the Scorpio. I'm also going to get new PC hardware soon as well. I don't own a PS4 yet, so even if the Pro isn't a major difference graphics wise and won't do true 4k gaming, I game on 1080p screens, have little interest in 4k and vr, and much prefer 60 fps on my 1080p tv then anything else. For $100 more then the base model price, I think it's worth it.

    However, as I just said, I don't own a PS4 yet. If I did, I wouldn't spend the money to get this, which isn't the case for the Scorpio, which judging by the specs I've seen, I'll probably be picking it up day 1. I'll be getting the Switch day 1 as well, but for other, completely different, more Nintendoee reasons. I've been dragging my feet on the PS4 bandwagon for a while and I'll finally get on soon with the Pro. However, the Pro just isn't interesting me the way other hardware is across the board. I'm getting it because I don't own a PS4 and this is the best PS4 out there, not because I'm excited for it as new tech.

    I'm not interested in it from a tech power perspective the way I am the Scorpio or PC hardware but I'm also not interested in it from a concept or efficiency perspective the way I am the Switch or other mobile hardware. I'm only getting it because it's a better PS4 and don't own a PS4. If I wasn't interested in PS4 or already owned a PS4, I wouldn't care about the Pro at all.

  3. I agree 1080p/60 fps/ high or ultra settings woulda been great! As it stands I'm just extremely disappointed in Sony again with the Pro. I don't even think 60fps will be possible with most games because of the weak CPU.

  4. The problem with the Pro is due to the fear of not isolating the regular PS4 they stuck with the same crap CPU even if at 2.1 GHz . If Microsoft goes with a custom Zen cpu and with Polaris or even Vega GPU, then it will destroy the PS4 one which has a great GPU but ffs a Jaguar CPU. What a bottleneck.

  5. stop comparing the scoprio to ps4 pro

    Scoprio is a whole new system not an xbox one

    ps4 pro is still a ps4, it's comparabe to the xbox s

    the ps4 slim is just the regular playstation

    you're crazy if you think infamous looks bad in HDR lmao

    console fanboys are ridiculous especially from grown men


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