PS4 Pro Unboxing – 4K And HDR Gaming

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We take a look inside the box of the brand new PlayStation 4 Pro.

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  1. Oh another thing before I buy the system, I noticed you went through the stuff you get in the box, but was wondering about the HDMI cable. Is it a 2.0 cable for 4K/HDR? I am just asking because I noticed the ends are not gold plated and you don't mention the standard. I will probably end up buying one with the PS4 Pro just to make sure though.


    i pre ordered the PlayStation 4 Pro a few days ago n will be picking that up Thursday morning November 10th n then this upcoming week on the 8th ill be ordering this television 55 inch ks8000 model as it's probably the best television for the money n it has unbelievable performance in game mode + hdr with an ultra low input lag as it's one of the few televisions that support GAME MODE + HDR together n that's something people better take careful consideration with when purchasing a new 4k hdr television as only a handful of televisions can support HDR + GAME MODE TOGETHER which will allow low input lag when playing games as 90% of 4k hdr televisions don't support hdr while using game mode n so the input lag will be unbearable n unplayable with hdr enabled as most can't use hdr with game mode so yea THOSE PICKING UP A PLAYSTATION 4 PRO such as me will definately wanna pick up either THE KS8000 OR KS9000 model televisions as currently those are a few of a very limited number of televisions which will give you the gaming experience you want……….

    SAMSUNG KS8000, KS9000, KS8500, KS9500, ETC…… those are the choices you have essentially if you want the full hdr experience as Samsung 2016 SUHD televisions are pretty much the only televisions that can do hdr while inside game mode with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 other televisions and that's it as all the others will not do hdr + game mode n so if you wanna use HDR you're gonna have an input lag of well over 100ms so please guys do your research as I'm only looking out for others as I'm a gamer 1st n foremost n so it's my duty to share this important information I've just recently came across……..

  3. Glad they are upgrading ps4 but is NOT true native 4k gaming. The marketing hype would have you believe it is though. How about marketing it as improved graphics/performance instead of misleading 4k gaming.


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