PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One S VS PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One VS PS4 slim size comparision

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What to see how the PS4 Pro stacks up against the Xbox One s, the Original PS4, the Playstation 4 slim and Original Xbox One? Here they all are side-by-side.
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PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing:



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  1. This video is kind of deceptive.  He keeps putting the consoles on top of the PS4 Pro at the edge of that top layer.  That top layer is further back than the bottom layer.  I put the PS4 Pro in my entertainment center.  the bottom of each console (Wii U, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One on the bottom shelf and Xbox 360 and PS3 share the top shelf).  They're all flush with the edge of the center and the PS4 Pro is LONG AS FUCK.  It's longer than the WII U!!  Doesn't really matter.  Once they're on my shelf, all I care about is if they work and if they're clean.  Yes, it sits comfortably in the spot where my old PS4 used to sit. Still, all of the comparisons I've seen make the Pro appear smaller than it really is.

  2. Goddamn the original Xbox one is a monster, and that's not even taking into consideration it's external power supply! What was Microsoft thinking…

  3. Ordered a Pro from Amazon. They accidently shipped it early and received it yesterday. Can't wait for the 4k Skyrim Patch to see the difference. Was disappointed that the Witcher didn't take advantage of the extra hardware.

  4. omg i preordered the pro but i will miss the Og design, these new PS4 are ugly as hell , and kudos for the beautiful gow one S, i've seen it, never seen a collector console with so much work and details everywhere even the box it self…

  5. The fact that the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro don't have the same sized layers and the fact that the Pro isn't just a Slim with an extra layer is causing a distinct irrational vexation within me.

  6. Damn the Xbone is one ugly mofo.
    The Xbone S isn't much better either.

    Original PS4 & PS4 Pro look so damn nice!

    PS4 Slim looks decent, but my least favourite of the PS4 models.


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