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Incredible Droid made its debut on the big screen last night in the Droid Verizons latest campaign commercial series . In this new place, we also saw a second time, the new boot animation droid eyes, which for whatever reason, failed to actually make it to the device. Certainly an upgrade from the original version we saw on our Motorola Droid and we had to get it into their own hands.
So yesterday, challenged readers to snag a video of the new droid eyes and turn it into a new boot animation for Motorola Droid. And indeed, one of them did it.
Update: just realized, looking back trading post that the real gains from Incredible animation was posted if you have a wonderful. Ill try to get instructions on how to install it later.
Check it out
Installation Instructions
1 You have to be rooted in that order.(Rooting information here .)
2 Download Root Explorer from the market.(Its a paid app.)
3 Download Droid Incredible Traffic boot:
4 If you downloaded using a computer, droid mount and drop. Zip file to your SD card.
* not * rename or UnZip
5 Unmount your Droid.
6 Open Root Explorer, tap SDCard?

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