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Runtime error r6034 usually develops when one of your programs attempts to use the “C runtime library”, but does not have the appropriate manifest to do so. Unauthorized use of the C runtime library is not allowed, and so the r6034error appears on your screen whenever this happens. This error could show up when you initially start up Windows, or after running a particular application that necessitates a C runtime library, for instance, Microsoft’s Visual Basic. To repair this error, initiate the procedures listed further on in this article.

What Causes This Error?

The runtime error is usually displayed in the dialog box as this:

  • An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the application’s support team for more information”.

The program will not be capable of running the C runtime library because it needs to have a manifest to do so.

How To Fix Error R6034

The first step is to start your PC in Safe Mode; doing this will run your computer using only the vital components that the operating system primarily needs. First, reboot your PC. When the computer starts loading, hit the F8 key again and again until you see the “Windows Advanced Boot Options” appear on screen. Select the Safe Mode option, then hit ENTER to confirm. Windows will start up with the usual logon display. Log on to the computer and Windows 7 will automatically be in Safe Mode. Complete the necessary tasks that you are required to do and when you are done, restart the computer and resume in normal mode. This will sift through the potential errors like the R6034 error.

If the error is still appearing, you need to perform what is called a ‘clean boot’. This halts all unessential services except those vital for running the computer. To do a clean boot, proceed to START > type “msconfig” in the SEARCH box and then ENTER to confirm. In the User Account Control, type in the password if you are asked for the administrator password for permission and confirmation of command; locate the GENERAL tab and choose SELECTIVE STARTUP. There, you will have to click the LOAD STARTUP items check box in order to clear the items.

After this, go to the SERVICES tab and then select the HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICES option box; click DISABLE ALL > OK. When it asks you to reboot the computer, do so and then see if the error has been resolved. This takes time to do but it is an effective way of filtering the problems and fixing them.

The last essential step is to clean the registry using a special registry cleaning program. The registry holds the settings of all your programs, and is often the cause of errors like the Runtime error r6034, and so it needs to be kept well maintained. The only way to clean this sector properly is to use a tool to do the job, as manually doing so would take many hours and is therefore impractical. You will need to download such a tool. If you are unsure which to use, try the Frontline Registry Cleaner. This tool, acclaimed by many computer professionals, specializes in fixing errors in the registry. It will ensure the elimination of r6034 errors quickly and easily.

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