Radiology Technician Schools – How to Become a Radiologic Technologist

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If you are looking for a career that does not seem to show any signs of being affected by the economic crisis the US and the world is experiencing today, you might want to try getting yourself a career as a radiologic technologist. The medical industry, which is the industry where radiologic technologists belong to, is one of the more stable industries around when it comes to employment opportunities since people will always need qualified individuals to help them with their medical needs. Included in the list of jobs that you can get in this industry is one that puts you in charge of X-ray machines and ultrasound equipment. For you to be able to land a job in this field, you will need to find radiology technician schools that can teach you the fundamentals of becoming a radiologic technologist.

The job of a radiologic technologist does not only revolve around the proper use and operation of radiology equipment in medical institutions; it also involves the proper maintenance of these machines as well as the understanding and reading of the results that are produced by these machines. This means that if you are aiming to become a radiologic technologist, you will need to find radiology technician schools that can teach you all of these and more. Of course, when you decide to become a radiologic technologist, you should first know what kind of medical facility you might wish to get yourself into. Knowing what kind of medical facility you will want to work in will also help you decide which of the many radiology technician schools you will want to study at.

A lot of these schools that offer radiology technology courses often have different kinds of courses and degrees for those who want to have a career in this field. There are associate courses, bachelor’s degree courses and certificate courses that one can choose from. Some of these courses can be finished in a matter of months while bachelor’s degrees and associate degrees need to be accomplished in a matter of a few years. Your level of expertise and your possibility of getting a higher paying and better placed job in this industry may very well depend on the kind of course that you take for this line of work so careful consideration may be needed before you start your course.

The kind of salary a radiologic technologist can expect usually depends on where he or she chooses to find work as a radiology technician. Yearly earnings for people in this industry vary from a low of $45,000 a year to a high of $87,000 a year with an average of $58,000 annually for most people working with X-rays and ultrasound equipment. What you specialize in also has a bearing on what you earn with people working with radiation therapy and medical dosimetry earning the highest wages. What you earn from this industry also depends on a number of other factors like your educational background and work experience. Career advancement in this field may require further education which can lead to a master’s degree.

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