Rawalpindi Attacks to be taken as Lesson

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The terrifying attack on the Mosque in Rawalpindi killing around 40 innocent people including children is the worst terrorist act of this present wave of violent attacks by our enemies.
It is beyond understanding to many that what are the lapses in security arrangements which are causing these terrorists to most successfully carry out brutal attacks at the time and place of their choice? Though randomly, few suicide bombers were intercepted recently but the attacks carried out in the form of groups are not intercepted easily. The examples of GHQ attack, Manawa Police Training Center and the ugly attack on Sri Lankan Players should be eye openers for our present Government.
The continuing attacks in Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Islamabad show that our Law enforcing agencies, Intelligence Network, Police force and the Army have complete lack of any sort of coordination in their operations. The speedy sharing of information and raising threat alarms cannot be seen in our security system. I have repeatedly highlighted the fact of weak NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) Database which is not at all helpful in controlling the terrorism inside Pakistan. One of my very valuable friend and Article writer Mr. Mushtaq Sethi recently pointed out to me that NADRA has no perfect database and finger prints available for citizens below 18 years of age. This is an alarming reality which our Interior Ministry is not seeing with agility and seriousness. Most of the suicide bombers being used are below 18 years of age and unfortunately as mentioned above, NADRA has no database of those living under this age criteria. The actions now need to be taken with electric speed because this lapse in our security system is biting our flesh everyday. I have also pointed out several times that the children being sent abroad in the name of adoption should also be tracked with seriousness. Those children which were taken from Afghan Refugee Camps and Earth Quake hit areas of Pakistan are definitely being sent back by our enemies being completely brainwashed and prepared for suicidal attacks on our soil. Most recently the Private Mercenaries were caught red handed with illegal weapons and carrying some Afghanis with them taking snaps of key locations of Islamabad. Unfortunately our weak Government released those killers upon instructions from US Embassy that represents the Government of United States of America. I repeat it is a great possibility that terrorists are reaching highly cordoned areas all due to the fact that they are travelling in Embassy Vehicles which are now not allowed to be stopped by the Police or Para Military at any check point or barrier in the key areas of the Capital. Pakistan’s Interior Secretary is also facing Court Petition  challenging the presence and ‘criminal’ activities of Blackwater and Dutch nationals in Pakistan.
In present situation immediate actions must be taken immediately.

  • Complete sealing of Borders with Afghanistan
  • Introduction of latest surveillance technology for the border areas through  the combination of Laser Security system, Barbed Wires, Concrete          Walls and synchronized night vision cameras.
  • Observatories and Monitoring posts synchronized with the main head quarter of the border surveillance system is now extremely necessary
  • Government can prepare feasibility and can implement border security system perfectly designed and customized according to the present needs. If the Government decides that can be achieved in shortest possible time.
  • Bio-metric technology should be introduced to randomly check any suspected person through the  main database which should be upgraded with the information obtained through this latest and remarkable technology.

The present situation of the country requires tough measures on various fronts. We need complete revamping and upgrading of our Police and Intelligence system. Our forensic investigations are lacking modern technology and practices. Our Police and Law enforcing agencies are having extremely incapable officers who are using conventional system for their investigations specially on terrorist cases with obsolete methods. An upgrading and training should be organized in the light of modern technology. The lack of educated people in our police department is also a serious issue which is creating a big gap in the approach of our security personnel and those operating internationally.
I have also mentioned in my previous articles that inter city movement should now be regularized and properly documented. Every person leaving his city or entering another should fill a form available at exit and entry points of every city. Bio metric devices should be installed on key exit and entry points to track and document the movement. Every person should carry a separate Identity card issued at the exit point of his native city and should return the same while coming back that city. Any person for any reason if found exiting the city of his origin without this card should be apprehended and he should be properly investigated for his action. Strict legislations or Ordinance should be passed to formulate this system.
It is my plea to the Interior Ministry and Pakistani security agencies that if they require any assistance in implementation and if they need more brainstorming about the ideas which I have given here, I would be glad to share the same in the best interest of our nation. It is also necessary that nation should also come forward and give their ideas and suggestions because presently we need to understand that everybody of us is engaged in a war and sitting in our homes under cozy blankets is not a wisest thing to do today.
In short I must say that we can counter the present wave of terrorism by using modern technology and by building trustworthy team of intelligence personnel properly trained and equipped with latest technology. We need to learn that developed countries of the world invested huge sum on building fool proof security mechanism. Their vulnerability to any such terrorist attacks is far less than what we are experiencing these days. If our Government and our people would not understand the need of complete revamping and revolutionizing the security system of Pakistan, God forbid we would not be able to control the growing storm of terrorism.

Source by Mohammad Mansoor Ali Ansari
Mohammad Mansoor Ali Ansari


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