Razer Blade Stealth Review | The Ultimate Gaming Ultrabook?

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How does the new Razer Blade Stealth shape up against the strong ultrabook competition and should you buy one? Computing Editor Michael Passingham investigates.

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  1. Is this guy reviewing the Kaby Lake model? All the complaints here (other than the bezels) fly in the face of every other review i've read especially battery life which I have read on other reviews clocks in at 9 hours on rundown tests. I'm very puzzled by this review.

  2. This review is wildly opposite of almost all others. I have a hard time agreeing with any of these points. Not sure if you just have a different opinion than most or if dell is a sponsor of your channel or something.

  3. I bought myself a new razer blade stealth, some of my friends loved this new ultra book from razer, we are about 85% disagree with your video. the screen is smooth, unlike anything you have show in the video, I dont know what you did to your computer, but it is clear you have created a video just to bad mouth this amazing ultra book. This is unjust and unfair. razer blade stealth was't designed to be used 24/7 for work or gaming. This is why it is an ultra book not a gaming laptop. In term of the Dell13inch xps, both of these are very similar, but dell cost a bit more than the razer here in australia. The 15% we are agreeing with you is that dell machine has better build, but also cost a bit more, i think the dell also uses the infinity edge display which seems a little better, last is the bezels but it is almost seemless, so it is not a big deal.

  4. i'm buying one.. I like the design, just the right ports, don't mind the bezels. and keyboard is still better than the mbp. other people have reported battery life isn't bad, better than the previous model at least. oh and decent speakers, a touch screen & rgb keyboard are all nice too 🐵

  5. I picked one up days ago and mostly disagree with this review. I love the keyboard, the battery life on my QHD model handles 7-8 hours of chrome binges perfectly and the CPU is handling 1080p edits and large Ableton projects with gusto. the fans do kick up, and the bezels are a bit big for my liking, bit it's awesome to just hold the screen with your thumbs to touch the screen for web browsing.

    This doesn't even talk about how the new kaby lake i7 has native decoding for web formats such as V9, giving better battery life for streaming YouTube and Netflix.

    I don't think this review does the price to performance justice, just keep that in mind. I'm willing to answer any questions you guys have.


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