RC Tanks for Military Enthusiasts

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For the military enthusiast what could be more enjoyable than patrolling in your own tank. Unless you are fortunate enough to own a very large space to store a military tank you may have to settle for something a little smaller.

RC Tanks are the latest buzz in the military hobbyist genre.  Radio Control Tanks are generally 100% replicas of their full scale models, detailing down to the smallest features.  Modern day remote control tanks are not just the models of old which spend most of their lives perched on a shelf for display purchases.  Today’s radio controlled tanks have Infrared battle simulation and airsoft BB guns installed as standard. Every mentionable tank type is covered.  If it exists in the real world it will of course exist in the model world.  Amphibious Remote controlled tanks are also scaled down and often offered as RC toys for children.  There is less attention to detail with these types of model as they are really designed with the highest fun factor in mind. 

Budget wise RC tanks range from £10 and upwards.  For £10 you would typically receive a small 1:30 RC tank which would be more toy orientated.  Prices from here would rise to around £80 for a 1:16 scale model radio control tank such as a German Tiger by Heng Long which would include many features such as BB gun, Smoke Generator, Action Figures and very careful attention to detail.  From this point forward money is not an option as many enthusiasts self build remote control tanks from kits or fashioned from their own materials.  At this end of the hobby the amount of funds that can be invested in a radio controlled tank is endless. 

Concentrating on the ready to run RC tank range.  You would expect to find a complete kit included in which ever remote control tank you purchased.  This would include all radio control gear (pre-installed), batteries and any other accessories required to operate any of the advanced features of the model.  With these details in mind it makes the perfect gift for anyone with a military interest and has no prior experience of RC modelling.

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