Reactions to Apple’s New MacBook Pro (Apple Byte)

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We breakdown the new MacBook Pro’s and the Touch Bar. Plus we offer suggestions for Apple’s next TV Ad campaign.

Key features in the new MacBook Pro:
The new MacBook Pro hands-on:

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  1. I'm looking at windows again for the first time in 15 years – terrible effort Apple and to add insult to injury they make you pay a lot more.

    Good to time short Apple stock because I figure they in for a hard time over the next ten/twenty years.

  2. The thing that pisses me the most is people will still buy them, my 2014 MBP is my last, shame as I like the OS but Apple just takes the piss with its arrogance its about what the customer wants not the corporation.

  3. Here's the thing though. The Macbook Pro is cheaper and more advanced than the entry level Surface Studio. If you spec out the Macbook Pro to 3K, you're getting – Faster SSD, Comparable Video Card-with TWICE the RAM, A Core i7 6thGen , twice the RAM and 4 thunderbolt 3 ports in a machine you can take with you… Surface Studio (i5 6th Gen, 8GB, GeForce 2GB, 1TB hybrid drive). That dial thingy is not included. What you're paying for is a big ass touch screen, that seriously, most people will not use as much as they hoped. If you ask me its a travesty that a machine that's suppose to be marked to "Pros" is limited to USB3.0 for external storage. (Oh and only one of those ports is high power.)

    If Microsoft doesn't include the dial thingy with every Surface Studio, developers will not widely adopt it. Period.

    Developers can rely that all the Macbook Pros, except the entry level one, will have the touch bar.

    And let's look at that new Surface Book. The main guts of that thing, IS THE SAME AS LAST YEAR. The only thing that's changed is more batteries in the BASE and a better GPU (which is optional). It costs the same as the Macbook Pro and it's SSD is slower and it only has USB 3 IO. If you want the new stuff in the base, MS doesn't even sell it to current Surface Book customers. Who's grabbing cash now?

    The Surface book has the digitizer and touch screen in it's pocket, it's valuable to only a subset of users. We have some of these in the office, and you know what, I've NEVER seen anyone walking around with the screen removed. The battery life is bad. It's innovative with a flawed execution.

    Here's what nobody is talking about. Apple just wiped out every proprietary port from the Macbook Pro. You want an SD card reader, buy it from whoever. Need a new power adapter?, buy it from whoever, want a USB-C to USB adapter, but it from whoever. Doesn't have to be Apple. It's your choice. That's forward thinking and customer friendly.

    You want to dock a Surface Book to a bunch of stuff on your desk? MS will do it for you for $200 bucks.

    Macbook Pro? How about a single cable connects power, monitor, sound and IO to an Acer / LG / monitor or whoever wants to do it.

    I don't see this as a cash grab from Apple, if that's what they wanted to do, they would have put 4 Lightning 2 ports on the thing.

  4. The fact that they even bothered to add Gaming as a statistic/spesification is such a joke.. Man oh man I'm laughing my ass off… xD hahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahaa #RIPapple I can't see them in 5-10 years… No way they're going to survive…..

  5. You're the only one on the entire youtube that calls MacBook pro '16 a powerhouse. Everyone else thinks it sucks. A slow MBP with 1 power port and 1 thunderbolt3 for everything else on a Pro?!? The only pro that can use it is a text writer that could use anything. It's just a flop. It's thinner because they've taken everything out and they charge you hundreds of dollars extra for this plus you also need to buy dongles for everything. The 12" was a flop and this is the second flop. We see the trend so sell your Apple stocks.

  6. Speaking as an Apple fanboy: Meh. I'm glad I bought the top of the line previous generation, and sticking with it, and I'm happy that I'm not suffering New Release Remorse this time around. :-)


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